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  1. This trade for Chicago is stupid for the simple fact Zach is the present of this team. I like Wood but he wouldn’t be an upgrade over Vooch in any situation besides shooting a 3. Id give up Demar for Wood and a pick cause this trade does nothing for the Bulls ONLY the Mavs

  2. If the GSW were smart they'd fleece the Wizards as quickly as possible. They definitely have what it takes to get Kuzma for little to nothing. Which would be huge as he and Wiggins can play both sf/pf and if Dray Ts out. Looney and Kuz can take over. I'd also go after a Delon Wright, Josh Richardson, TJ McConnell, Pat Beverley, GP2(when healthy), Otto back, Green from Bulls. Pelicans Hayes, Jonas, or Willy Hernangomez. Maybe some Knicks guy's like Quickly and Toppin would be easy pickins.

  3. Do the Lakers really need Turner at this point in time? The emergence of Bryant makes me think Turner isn't necessary. I do think a trade for Hield or Bogdonavic would be in the Lakers best interest. Forget that Mavs trade. Yes, they need another ball handler, but they need Wood's size a lot more. Can't see the 76er's making the proposed trade unless they actually believe in Cam. Hartenstein stinks and as a Knicks fan I'd be happy to see him go. Harris would be a great addition. Whoever put that Celtics/Suns trade together needs to have their head examined it's a total loser. Not sure why the Rockets would want Wiseman, they already have Sungun who's miles ahead of Wiseman.

  4. Bro, the Pacers would be wetarded to do that trade… Those picks are garbage. Those two player's are extremely underrated. Buddy Heild is also thee best 3pt shooter in the NBA.. Yeah, better than Curry and has been. Heild stays, Turner stays at least if he wants to stay. If not, I'd call up the Suns ask if they'd be interested in an Ayton swap straight up. Or maybe you throw in that Cavs 1st as sweetener. Ayton isn't happy and Turner would actually improve their play style imo. Pacers play style would completely change. Yet Hali and Ayton would be crazy. I believe Ayton would begin to love playing ball again. He'd get a ton of touches. We'd still have all our other guy's. You maybe even throw them Duarte for Jae Crowder, a couple seconds or a late 1st. I'd like to sign a guy like Crowder rather than a trade. I'd maybe try and trade Duarte and a 2nd for Kyle Kuzma. Pacers could then sign a guy that can stretch the floor a little bit like Jalen Smith is doing now. Yet maybe a more vet guy that could help us quicker coming off Turner. That would be Dwight Powell, or maybe Kelly Olynyk would be amazing off the bench for Ayton. Along with Smith and Jackson still on the Roster. Goga, Duarte, and possibly Brissett or McConnell may go also. I'd like to see McConnell stick around as a locker room guy. Yet Terry Rozier is also a great locker room guy. Patrick Beverley would also be a guy I'd love to see in a Pacers uniform. Along with a guy like Jordan Clarkson off the bench possibly in a combo guard role. If they don't get any other PG's. OG is a piece I'd love to have, I'd even be interested in maybe just snagging another great guard if all the SFs are kept. Like Finney-Smith would be nice.. but if we can't get a SF. Go after Josh Richardson. Dude shoots like Hield and would play better at the SF than Heild. We'd be lights out and that would also give us more trade ammo. I wish they'd gone after Devin Vassal like I knew they should have. Before he blew up, now he'll be stuck a Spur forever…🙄

    Thoughts on my Pacers anyone, or any suggestions? I wish Jimmy Butler would say trade me for Duarte straight up. I'd even be okay with that lol.

  5. The Lakers can’t afford the Myles Buddy trade anymore. Both are having maybe the best seasons of their careers. Honestly Pacers only do it if Turner tells the Pacers he’s definitely not resigning. That discounts him to the point that LA can afford him.

  6. I think trading/not extending wood is about the worst thing we could do.

    Just think about it, how many guards/forwards can you think of that play d & shoot 3’s? I can think of many.
    Now, how many bigs can you think of that can rebound, score & shoot? The list is a lot shorter.

    Meaning, guards & wings are expendable, not bigs.

  7. Wiseman is still worth a late first or one a few years down the road a second and a decent role player is a bit below his value especially when a team like the Hornets could and probably already has offered a first and a roleplayer


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