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So you want to learn more about Christian dating? In this video, I share with you 5 of my favorite Christian dating books (well actually it’s technically 6). But I’ve learned a lot about how to have as healthy and successful a relationship as possible from these books and I hope they bless you and your potential spouse/ boyfriend/ girlfriend!

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  4. Here are my fav christian dating books:
    1. Lovestruck Singles Edition
    2. When God writes your lovestory
    3. I kissed dating goodbye
    4. What women should know and what men don't tell you
    5. How to pick a spouse

  5. 1. Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson
    2a. Wild @ Heart by John Eldridge (Men)
    2b. Captivating (Ladies)
    3. 5 Love Languages
    4. The Meaning of Marriage
    By Timothy Keller
    6. The Bible

  6. I’m single and I’m 26 years old. Can someone please by my girlfriend . I look normal . I’ve been single for around 4 years now. I’m fed up I don’t understand what I’m I doing wrong. Can someone please give me advice or something.

  7. Great video! I would add “Boy Meets Girl” by Joshua Harris and “Hero” by Fred and Jason Stoeker. If you want something specific to gender, Michael and Debbie Pearl have a series on marriage and dating called “Created to be His Help Meet” and other variations of that title.

    Also, I am very pleased that you mentioned the Bible. I’ve heard from some Christians even that the Bible doesn’t hold a lot of weight in their dating relationships because “it doesn’t mention dating.” They are right in a literal sense but in my opinion, who you are in your relationship with God will directly impact how you treat others, especially in a dating/marriage relationship. Thanks for sharing and I’m gonna check out that course on your website!

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