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Please don’t be worried in these times, give your burdens to Jesus Christ and receive His peace; link to receive a prayer for peace:




  1. When I had first moved into my house two years ago I had a very short dream where I saw the Chinese army outside of my home. I also saw a Tsunami overtake a city. I thought nothing of these dreams other than weird but as of very recently I can't stop thinking about them. I believe they are coming to pass very soon. Time to put on the full armor of God. Jesus is King of kings and lord of Lords . He's coming soon.

  2. I had a dream of a large city by water people partying getting drunk I saw a huge wall of water coming I was yelling at the people to look at the wave but they ignored kept partying and then I heard out of my mouth in the dream judgment is coming thus saith the lord

  3. Thus says the Lord God:

    In those days they shall say no more, 'The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge'.
    But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge.
    Jeremiah 31: 29-30

    Judgment (pestilence): Plot against an anointed of God.

    "Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them".
    Jeremiah 11:11

    Jeremiah 2:22
    Jeremiah 33: 3

  4. ¿Quienes son los muertos en Cristo?Colosenses 3:3 .

    Por tanto, no durmamos como los demás, sino velemos y seamos sobrios. Pues los que duermen, de noche duermen, y los que se embriagan, de noche se embriagan. Pero nosotros, que somos del día, seamos sobrios. 1 Tesalonicenses 5: 6-7

    El misterio de 1Corintios 15:51 es: un espíritu dormido.

    Tampoco queremos, hermanos, que ignoréis acerca de los que duermen, para que no os entristezcáis como los otros que no tienen esperanza. Porque si creemos que Jesús murió y resucitó, así también traerá Dios con Jesús a los que durmieron en él. Por lo cual os decimos esto en palabra del Señor: que nosotros que vivimos, que habremos quedado hasta la venida del Señor, no precederemos a los que durmieron. Porque el Señor mismo con voz de mando, con voz de arcángel, y con trompeta de Dios, descenderá del cielo; y los MUERTOS EN CRISTO resucitarán primero. Luego nosotros los que vivimos, los que hayamos quedado, seremos arrebatados juntamente con ellos ( los que duermen ) en las nubes para recibir al Señor en el aire, y así estaremos siempre con el Señor. 1 Tesalonicenses 4 : 13-17

    Los que partieron no están en un lugar de reposo esperando su venida, ellos ya están en la presencia de Dios.

  5. This is for you, and anyone who needs this🙏🥰
    Revisiting this for strength 💕
    After having a blessed conversation with a friend ☺️ I wanted to share this 🙏
    I found out the truth🙌
    That in all my years in the past-of thinking I knew, I believed in God- I was not truly saved. I believed in Him but I was still lost, and could fall away from Him. Years later I found out it’s not just me, it’s many people as well. Our belief did not go beyond ours words , faith did not go pass belief within our minds. I did not know about the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. It’s not me, my good deeds , nothing I ever did-that saves. Jesus already did this for me. I finally understood, & personally took Jesus as my savior that died for ME. His blood covers my sins, I am truly saved within my heart and my soul. Now I am saved. Once saved always saved is a free gift from His grace of His blood- He shed for the world. It’s not an excuse to sin either. If you look in the kjv Bible, you will find the truth for yourself. Those who can walk away from God or never accept Him- in their own heart and soul- were not truly saved to begin with. There will be those who fully reject this eternal salvation💔If you want further proof. On YouTube Robert Breaker’s videos follow the Bible. Pastor Robert Breaker goes from the preserved King James Bible. And explained what the Bible says on eternal salvation. 🙏☺️❤️ His videos are a blessing. When you have a chance check it out. To find out , you were never saved, is heavy on the soul. It was hard to realize this at first, but now I know🙏 When I got saved by His blood, many wounds healed in my soul. I had years of severe depression, grieving pain from soul wounding heart break. For me, It was the fact I was lost without God. Unknown to my own heart. Now I am found ☺️I was the lost sheep. God right beside waiting for me, to give my heart & soul- Like He did on the cross. All His blood He gave, to the grave. Defeated the death of sin & rose again on the third day🙏☺️❤️ There are still lost sheep to be found. Once they know they are lost, seeking God- God will guide them back to Him to hold forever 🙌

  6. Amen brother. He is coming so soon! Let’s all repent and align ourselves with his will. He is the only thing that will save us. I love you Lord Jesus!🙏🕊❤️✝️

  7. I had one on Jan 17 of this year and another about the rapture last November. I posted the rapture one on my channel.
    In The most recent one I was in correspondence with some Christians living in LA. It was 2 black kids that had some kind of ministry online. After being in contact for awhile I was at their high rise condo. It was on the very top floor and I could see out for miles onto the city skyline. Then there was a natural disaster, it was unclear exactly what it was but I think it was an earthquake. Life went on as normal below in the city. Then a 2nd disaster struck, it was a tsunami or hurricane. At that point we all knew the return of Christ was imminent. We began worshipping and praise on our knees. I stepped outside and city was in chaos. The wind blowing so hard I could barely stand on my feet. After that there were bombs going off in every direction, mushroom clouds but small scale. The sky was black and red..Then I saw jets flying in formation that I knew to be Russian. I knew we were going to die in the blast but I did not have fear. Then I woke up

  8. Never stick a weapon out a window, shoot from the back of the room out a window. When outside only fire a few shots from same position. If using a large tree for cover fire a few from right side, then a few from left side, then move to new position.

  9. Try to give an interpretation of each dream before going on to the next, or some input. Obviously the interpretation belongs to the Lord. Ask him to help you with them.

  10. In my country Russia believers do not serve in army. Even if they will go to jail. Why? Because Jesus come to give a life. And evil come steal, kill, and destroy. Every tree known by fruits.

  11. Amazing dreams from the LORD GOD indeed.
    Thank you for sharing these messages.

  12. Wow you have some pretty notable dreams. They are awesome I guess. Thank you for sharing.. It just reinforces reinforces my I views on using using the Lord in my defense and against and against evil! Thank you brother God-bless you and your family all of your friends Your program your viewers and everything that you do!


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