There are some signs that the Bible says we should pay attention to to suggest that we are clearly in the end times. As we observe these signs, we should respond by making sure that we are living lives that anticipate the return of Christ.

I pray that we take heed and adjust our lives by understanding that Christ could return at any moment. These end-time signs are all around us. We just need to pay attention to them.










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00:00 – Start of Video
01:20 – Sign #1 – Nature Signs
03:27 – Sign #2 – Moral Signs
07:16 – Sign #3 – Spiritual Signs
10:40 – Sign #4 – Technological Signs
13:52 – Sign #5 – Political Signs
16:20 – The Most Convincing Sign



  1. I love studying about Bible prophecy and end-time events. Today's video will highlight 5 SPECIFIC signs that are happening right now in our world that indicate we are living in the end times and that Christ's return is near. I hope you enjoy this video and take it to heart. We are to live our live anticipating the return of Christ because He could return at any time.

  2. I think all the signs will escalate even further. Even though christs return will most likely happen within my life time I’m not worried one bit. Hopefully with an increase in the signs we can get more people to repent. Remember this is only the end of earth and we’ll really get to go home after Christ’s return

  3. Do I feel like we are currently in end times? No. Do I feel like we are headed there? Yes. This reminds me of the prayer time I had with God awhile ago. He just wanted to remind me to keep my eyes on him and to measure everything that is said by Christian and non-christian with the words of the bible. If it doesn't measure up, then I am to not listen to it. So that I am not decieved. It can be hard sometimes especially now-adays. Everyone has something to say especially regarding the end times. I just keep reminding myself of what I was told and as hard as it is shut everything else out that is not of God. After all, only God knows when he is coming. It's important to be ready.

  4. If all Christians (or good Christians) go to heaven and all the others got to hell, then why does Psalm 37:9,11,29 say that the meek shall inherit the earth?

  5. Guys, you seem to be open to this stuff. Check this out: VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST. None. Bacteria do exist but there is no such thing as transmittable diseases. Bacteria live in symbiosis with your body. I beg you, please look into Dr Stefan Lanka, The private diary of Louis Pasteur, The book The third blood of Antoine Bechamp, Dr Ryke Hamer and his German New Medicine and his life story and imprisonment therefore, also Peter Duesberg and search for scientific evidence (scientific publications); how it works what needs to be proven (Koch'sche postulates) when someone makes such a claim as that there are viruses and they cause diseases. There is NO science behind it. Please look into the history of the "Germ THEORY" too. Trust me, you will laugh your ass off!! Much love. Oh, also a great book to read is "What really makes you ill. Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong". (yes that's the title of the book).They talk about the germ theory as well and also the NWO. Also another books "The Truth About Contagion: Exploring Theories of How Disease Spreads "by Thomas Cowan and Sally. Must read!!!

  6. The only signs you need to watch for is a 1 world government. A mark that is needed to buy and sell. A false prophet, that claims to be God and returns from the dead. And the rebuilding of the temple.

  7. From my pov
    1 sign
    : COVID-19 then monkey pox then volcanoes being almost frequently active now

    2 sign
    :My brother fights back alot to my parents and i have noticed people online offending god (and it makes me pissed)

    3 sign
    :Alot of pastors can't be trusted anymore mega churches are being exposed and from my pov i am able to understand a little bit more but i frequently understand more of it everyday

    4 sign
    Elon musk robots says to be released in 2027 transparent iphone from apple technology advances more frequently now

    Sign 5
    :Israel is in constant fear of conflict with pakistan and other countries
    Ukraine vs russia
    China tensions with The Phillipines and Taiwan
    Japan and south Korea Having tensions with North korea
    Something about turkey invading a country

    Note:this is not to mislead anyone this is just from my standing point ofc i may have left out some so spare me

  8. "they traded the truth about God for a lie". Am I the only one who believes that sounds a lot like how people traded the truth of how God created the Earth for Science? They more commonly say "BCE" instead of "BC". The Lord is coming soon. We are in the days of His return. The world is extremely evil and immoral. Get ready and stay ready. May the Lord bless us all with His strength in these days

  9. Those people claiming they are Jews are not. The bible calls them an abomination, and the synagogue of Satan. Those calling themselves Jews and deceiving the world are a blasphemy in the most high eyes. The book of revelations make that very clear. When you go to Israel Ethiopian Jews and other Africans are being persecuted by those claiming to be biblical Jews. Those that are known all over the world as Jews are nothing but imposters. Ethiopians practice Judaism but don't claim to be ancient Israel. The most high makes many references of Ethiopians and and land of Ham, more than any other people. I respect them, because they not claiming to be biblical Israel. The moslems in the middle east, have a saying, that ancient Israel left black, and returned white. 🤣🤣🤣" I know the blasphemy of those calling themselves Hebrews, but I will make them the synagogue of Satan."

  10. I don't think he mentioned probably the biggest sign that we are in end times: the existence of Israel as an
    independent nation. This came about after about 2000 years of Israel being a colony of several different
    super powers (Roman,Byzantine, Ottoman, British) in 1947. Scipture is very clear that Israeli independence
    is an essential element to Christ's return.

  11. I can't stand when people say this is a sign or we're in the end times because of this thing happening or that thing happening. It's basically boy who cried wolf. People have been saying that for ages and yet it wasn't true, and people believed them and nothing happened. What you're risking is people doubting the Bible and when it actually is the end they won't believe it. Rumors of war, war, etc have always been around so you don't know if certain events are specifically the ones said in the Bible. Imo what we should be saying is this COULD be a sign we're not sure but we should be always prepared just in case because we don't know. Something along those lines. Also, there are theories that the end times started when Jesus returned to Heaven. Also there has been way worse things that have happened before most of us were even born than what's happening now

  12. Paul calls Timothy his "child". We are supposed to be brethren with one Father who is in Heaven.
    The problem with Paul's version of the gospel is that he teaches we are saved by grace through faith. If this was true then why are only a few saved?
    Luke 13:23-24 " “Lord,” someone asked Him, “will only a few people be saved?” Jesus answered, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able."

    The other big problem with Paul's teaching is that it contradicts what Jesus said about the Law.
    * Christians are not under the law. (Romans 6:14)
    * Christians have been delivered from the law. (Romans 7:1-6)
    * The law is fading away. (2 Corinthians 3:11)
    * To go back to the law after embracing faith is “stupid”. (Galatians 3:1)

    Jesus taught the opposite to that:
    Matthew 5:18 "For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished."

    Paul was a false apostle and his writings are totally unreliable.

  13. I'm ready I'm so glad my landlord is a slumlord but he claims to be a Christian he cleans our own $200 from $40 but I've been paying my my rent is that how old is $40 and increase the two 24 he's a billionaire on gas stations and everything but he can have it you know why because I'm one of God's children and this is the size of the times my mother and my family they always arguing and I'm trying to stay calm and try to warm my children to get ready just in case I'm not here when it happens because my blood pressure been sky high lately you know and I got a lot of other things going on but God has revealed himself to me a lot of things have happened in positive in my life with visions and I'm so proud to be one of God's chosen children but anyway in a nutshell let's scream hosanna let's scream hallelujah from the top of our lungs on the mountain tops to the rooftops because in my spirit lately for months and God will come through that sky and say abracadabra and I'm so glad

  14. They are selfish and call it being "introverted" their trying to normalize not having a voice to not able to call out to God and just be selfish and have us accept it God didn't say here's a voice now shut up he said he who hears let him hear and he who has a voice let him speak the devil tricks everyone with these stereotypes we see it in gender issues relating to calling themselves pronouns instead of just being a boy and girl

  15. Another powerful sign took place in 1948 when Israel became an independent state again since AD70. Jews from around the world have gone back to their land

  16. There is an increase because there are billions more people. Don’t try to scare people, that’s called feared religion it’s against the Bible. WWJD ❤️✝️🙏

  17. The truth is we are most likely in End Times and us Christians who are tired in this world where bullying and harrassment is normalized by society are looking forward for Christ's return and bring us in His heaven kingdom to be with Him at peace.

    But there is chance that Jesus will not return in our lifetime. No one truly knows.

    Christians are praying for Christ's return because in reality God is always our only hope in this life full of troubles.

  18. People have been thinking it was close to the end times since the beginning of the church. All we can do is work to advance the Kingdom and pray until Jesus returns.


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