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God bless!



  1. I've been waiting for the right man. Lately I've been praying for God to make me into the right woman. The change in attitude has helped me to no longer wonder when I'll meet him but instead to work on myself so I will be ready when or if that day ever comes.

  2. Hi Mark. I love these videos and the way that they are rooted in God’s word and wisdom. I just want to ask, where is it explicitly stated in God’s word that the man should be the “pursuer”? Thanks for your videos and advice.

  3. Man knows she is the one:
    – through using logic
    – when She responds positively to His pursuit
    – Good gives him peace in his heart
    – She compliments his masculinity
    – Supports his (career) goals

  4. I trust God. After I meet a woman that I may start to have feelings for, I pray and ask is this girl sent by Him. Almost all of them then show me they weren't sent by Him. It has saved me from much pain and regret. I think she's (the one) married with a house full of kids already.
    And every woman I have ever been with, one thing is common, "you and that" fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind, while I try to be the traditional man.

  5. Thank you for letting us women what it is like to be in the head of a man when deciding whether or not a woman is the one. I can't change points 1 and 5 about using logic and the Holy Spirit's leading, but I can positively respond to a man's pursuit, his career choices and masculinity if I am interested in that person. Thanks, Mark!

  6. God sent me your channel 2 years ago, my life was in the "Pits" for the hundredth time!! Emotional watching these days, remembering where I was! My relationship is with God, and that is totally fine with me. Though, I am grateful if our lord decides to bless me with that. God, is sending me a certain direction 💜 Thank you for an Exceptional Channel, Brother Mark!! Glory Be To God!!

  7. Hello, Mark. I josh want to state that after years of pain, several months of praying to God, and few of those months finally living in bliss of God's word, I have finally met a fantastic man! Our first date was at church! We've been talking since August and we've just made it official a few weeks ago. I like him so much because he is a follower of Christ, he has manner, and he is so honest. He told me that we're both looking for sustainability but it takes trust, time, sacrifice, and a learning of one another. He is so open with his emotions and not afraid to express himself. We live sn hour away from each other but thats fine. I think it's better because then we are really proving to each other that we are willing to accommodate to each other's schedule and lifestyle. So far we've only been on two dates but the first date was already 13 hours and the second date was about 5 hours! He works a lot and it's hard but I try not to bother him too much about it nor work myself up about it neither. So far I've met one of his brothers, one of his cousins, and two of his friends. He said they all like me much and they were impressed that I chose to go to church with him. I live internationally so my family hasn't met him yet but everyone who I've spoken to about him really like him as well. I'm m super excited and I truly believe he is the one I've been praying for. Regardless of the outcome, I trust in God and I am so grateful to have met this man. He has 👍 shown me that there are still wholemeal Christian men out there. So whether we wed or not, I am still so blessed to have met him.

  8. Brother Mark i have a question for you!
    A man loves a girl but the girl is calling him a bro! they are not family relatives but college friends, but the man is having feelings for her. in this situation what is your Bible response?


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