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Canary Cry News Talk #500 – 06.24.2022
LaMDA Lawyer, ROE Reversed, Nephilim Bacteria, Hungry Jupiter
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Russian colonel Who carries Putin’s nuclear codes found shot in home (MSN)

Google AI researcher Blake Lemoine tells Tucker Carlson that its AI system is a ‘child’ (DailyMail)
Blake Lemoine says AI LaMDA faces bigotry (Wired)
Google Engineer Says Lawyer Hired by “Sentient” AI Has Been “Scared Off” the Case (futurism)

Amazon demonstrates Alexa mimicking voice of deceased relative (CNBC)

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ROE stood for 49 years, revolutionized women’s lives (Wired)

→ abortion bans begin in Missouri “trigger laws” (AP)
→ list of states with trigger laws (NYT)
→ quotes, Hillary, Obama’s etc (E!)

U.S. to give some ‘Havana syndrome’ victims six-figure compensation (Wapo)


Monkeypox surges 52%, WHO emergency committee (Fortune)
Monkeypox Vaccine Targeted at Gay Community (BBC)

→ NYC monkeypox vaccine drive overwhelmed (NBC)

New CDC guidelines for monkeypox at raves, festivals, sex parties (CDC)

Vaccine Derived polio Spreading in UK (DailyMail)
Polio Vaccine Linked to “non-polio” Paralysis (SciDev)

Supreme Court Strikes Down New York CC ban (CBS)
Senate passes gun safety bill (CNN)


Jupiter apparently eats other planets (TimeOut)
how bout this one? SpaceX to Orbital Drop Troops from Space (Intercept)

Giant bacteria 5000 times bigger discovered in swamp (DailyMail)
Biggest bacterium ever discovered shakes view of the single-celled world (National Geographic)




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    It's a religion based on the times fanfic about Jesus of which the earliest manuscripts are written in Koine Greek as mentioned before. A language Jesus and his followers spoke. This alone should ring bells. Furthermore concepts like the trinity, human divinity, god and angels taking form of man etc. are not of Abrahamitic origin. Rather, these come from classical european pagan traditions of which the Holy faith, Christianity was built on.

    Today there is a deception run rampant among many western churches thanks to heretical protestant sects such as puritanical "christianity" and evangelical protestantism which originates from the Scofield English-speaking "bible", which falsely states Christ was Jewish. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christ came from the seedline of David in which as history shows was a Hebrew which has nothing to do with modern day Judaism.

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    Judah wasn't even the spiritual, cultural, nor the military core, that was in the Northern Kingdom.
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    Southern Semitic Judah lasts a little longer, eventually gets conquered too, by Babylonians, "the Captivity". There they rewrite their history and create something vastly different than what was the norm in Israel (which remember is the cultural and religious center, as documented in the Old Testament), and eventually Cyrus the Persian frees them, where they return to their lands.

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  2. Looking at the trends we have currently, the Satanic beast system will triumph over humanity and enslave us with the demonic technology the enemy has been given to them by their lords from planet Obadiah whom you might recall as a character within the Hebrew Bible. Named after their planet. Their victory will only be temporary however, the man that is to come will create a golden age that will last for one thousand years.


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