So here is another one, they can read minds and using the mass ingestion of heavy metals sprayed in ours skies, not only will 5G know before you can even express your thoughts to another human, it will be able to nuetralize you.

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  1. I watched a documentary about the FDA pulling cosmetics for having been exposed to asbestos, so while watching the documentary I started to think β€œmaybe I should change my deodorant?” While watching the documentary (on YouTube) an ad came on that was selling a new deodorant that was chemical free. I immediately froze solid! Then started googling does google read my mind…I’m terrified

  2. new 5G technology …will map your DNA,share it to a data base …any smart device can read your DNA…airports washing machines ,tv sets etc … you wont be anew 5G technology …will map your DNA,share it to a data base …any smart device can read your DNA…airports washing machines ,tv sets etc … you wont be able to drive unless the 5G network lets you …ps it knows your DNA asociatesble to drive unless the 5G network lets you …ps it knows your DNA asociates

  3. funny you say this cuz i use my computer and iPhone a lot and recently ill be sitting here thinking about something and i swear what i was thinking will pop up on the screen. we all know they are listening to us but i started thinking they can almost read my mind.. i believe it

  4. RFB the hater comments are AI bots brothaa. No human would seek out negative uploads or voluntarily click on a video that is opposite of their beliefs, why would it even be in their youtube feed… They respond within a minute of your reply like they have been just waiting around for you to say something all day every day. THEY ARE AI BOTS…

  5. Imagine by some twist of fate, some Americans person or persons from the diaspora, with the power to nullify the influence of Abrahamic religions, installs a Jagannath deity where the temple mount now stands.

    Yes, let us restore the Lord of the universe, the El Shaddai, the Rabbil 'Aalamiyn back to His proper position.

    In this golden age we will see the restoration of the old ways. The way of knowledge of self, knowledge of nature, knowledge of KαΉ›αΉ£αΉ‡a.

    #Vidya #HareKrishna #Vedic

  6. Reading your mind..yup! I love animal crossing new leaf. I bought a 5th copy of the game. I was thinking it would be great if I got 4 of the villagers I wanted, I got them!! All 4! So Yes its reading minds..

  7. Exactly it’s to make money and fuck with people and watch it live so this sick robots can get a kick out it but it won’t matter to cus yashua always ends there game and this is the last battle game over πŸ˜‡

  8. "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." Matthew 24:22. You're are 100% correct…everyone will go through it. Keep the faith, put on the whole armor of God, lift up your heads, redemption draweth nigh.

  9. Yup…No implants needed!
    My invisible voice attackers warned me 8years ago that I wasn't getting "out of it" and there's no where to hide!

    Now it's running on autopilot where it voice responds from a thought signal from me, no need for live people to run it.


  10. RFB Great work brother.
    What I'm about to tell you will only sound crazy but is absolutely true and I have video proof to back it up.
    Here is a link to my Facebook post and video that shows a highly advanced drone that appears outside my bedroom window within 3 to 5 seconds of a specific concentrated thought.
    I had two witnesses when I recorded the video of this highly advanced drone as it flies away from my house and disappears through a portal.

    Please read the post and watch the video. This is not a waste of your time.

    Btw:the drone is nearly impossible to capture on camera. I was only able to obtain this departure shot by hiding the camera and setting it up to video it's departure. I was right in finding that one weak spot on this highly advanced drone.


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