5G is coming and its a lot of bad all wrapped into to one huge lie.
Tom Wheeler was the chief lobbyist trying to push this through, then they saidEFF it, “lets make him head of the FCC” and they did, and now hes retired the postion.
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  1. OMG I've had the Earth Quake feeling before when one wasn't happening* 5G is a total spy Weapon. So your saying we are totally doomed? I have written tRump a couple of time asking him to stop 5G . & he is letting it in. I have been pushing to everyone & now we can't really do Anything. I have taked so much I know I am on that list. What do I do?

  2. 5G Matrix “cures”?
    ‪Calling all 5G White Hats; Geeks, Bell Heads and assorted men of good will🙏🏼
    …. Kindly get your capes on & saddle up,
    ‪ 1. For every frequency, isn’t there a “counter frequency” that cancels it out?‬
    ‪2. During the light show @ the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it takes out WiFi for whole neighborhood.
    ….Hmm bright lights take out signals. ‬
    Please take this information forward, work together on prototypes & deploy the fix.
    … On behalf of humanity, I thank you 🙏🏼🌹🌿🕊🕊🕊

  3. I am so sensitive, we canceled our Verizon account took the tv out of our room, I cant even look at my cellphone for to long, I listen to RFB more than watch. I get migraines and vertigo. And feel earthquakes ,more like swaying been in real earthquakes so I know what it feels like. 😳 I think we'll be moving back to El Salvador sooner than planned 😔❤🙏

  4. Thanks for being so real and thoughtful. By the way I got a life threatening sinus infection from snorting Afrin everynight for months. I thought I real clever until I could not breathe even the slightest through my nose.

  5. Me and my wife was hooked on four Way nasal spray her quite a few years and we found some natural spray and we got off of it and now we can breathe again without no nasal spray

  6. the drone ? no. you said a light after you feel like you've been shocked or have experience of an earthquake and your lap top fluttering. It's something above your house (spiritual or physical but most likely a classical UFO experience) and yes it is like a 6th sense that something is NOT right in the skies or in the immediate vicinity. Look up ufo encounters and the zero gravity craft governments have. also check out LA Marzulli he does a great job getting stories from people who have had similar experiences like this. You ARE a marked individual. if you have the mark of Jesus Christ in your heart the devil hates you and wants to destroy you. Even more so that you have taken a stand for the kingdom of God. God bless you RFB

  7. you said you were shocked every night at 1223 that is actually a very interesting number series that I have been seeing SEVERAL days in a row for a Long long time. It is a powerful number of prosperity (though the idea that you are being 'attacked' at that exact time is interesting… God set signs and seasons Genesis 1:14 and numbers are prophetic. You have exactly 111 down votes (a prophetic number: God's blessed Son) Keep fighting the good fight and thanks for the video brother! time stamp 3:44


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