As you continue fasting, give God what to work with. These 7 scriptures to activate your dream life will do exactly that. May you hear God’s voice clearly through prophetic dreams and visions. This is what will empower your prayer life.

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7 Day-Fast Dream Revival Guide:


7 Day-Fast | Empowered prayer Life Through Prophetic Dreams:
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Tired or overwhelmed? 3 Scriptures on how to pray effectively:
Every time You Pray, Say This:
How To Gain Strength On The Prayer Altar:



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  1. This is God using you sis Agness to tell me what has been bothering me. When I started watching your videos in June I was encouraged to join the July 7 day prayer. My dreams were so clear during that fasting time, however soon after that my dreams became patchy, erratic, and I don't usually remember them anymore even after doing an Esther fast beginning of August. I remember some but some nights/days depending when I'm working I dream quite a lot but don't remember my dreams. So this has been worrying me a lot. I'm determined to do another 7 days fasting and prayer becoz I know the enemy realised my eyes were being opened and deposited something again as I've struggled with praying these past 2 weeks

  2. I'm eating some types of meats with some people and by myself alone,I'm figuring out how this always happen,though,I know these people I'm eating the meat with,I do not know why, I'm eating this meat in the first place,I never like it,I receive the word with,Christ's,love,be bless sis.

  3. Help me pray against the spirit of witchcraft being carried on me by a neighbor. I can hear the drawings and movement of objects since they live in a house above mine. May God arise and may my enemies be scattered.

  4. My mum's hospital results were due and I prayed and fasted during the 7 days. I dreamt 2 days to her results and the result came just as the way I saw in the dream. She was healed and clean in the dream, she is healed and clean as per doctor's report. I give all the glory and honour to God. Thank you sis Agnes.

    I dreamt after the 7 days and I thank God for reviving my dream life.

  5. Hi women of god, I've learnt so much from you. I just want to say thank you and god bless you. I'd like to ask you a question. Can I fast from 6am – 3pm?

  6. Sis Agnes I missed this fast and this is what I'm going through.
    I stopped receiving notifications on your platform.
    God have mercy
    My dream life is almost dead
    I can't remember the dreams and even that grace to wake up at 03.
    I'm starting this fast tomorrow.
    Pray for me for grace to pray
    God bless you 🙏

  7. After the first day on this prayer, I received a force to sleep immediately after work until the next day. I just want to thank God for the awareness and that i can start over again. My spiritual life has been attacked severely but i have my trust in God Who breathed life into the dry bones to come back to life again.

  8. I just watched this yesterday and prayed following your guideline at night God showed me that their was somebody following me i tried to hide but he was looking for me seriously but suddenly i saw another person who came friendly on my side and rescued me and took me then i woke up


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