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Today’s Bible study focuses on 7 Signs Revelation Will Happen Sooner Than You Think.

The end times have always been a source of fascination for human beings. The most detailed myths and legends from ancient times focused on the creation and eventual destruction of the universe. Even many of the myths that supposedly took place in ordinary times, between Earth’s creation and later destruction, centered around why certain natural phenomena occurred or how cultural practices began. For some reason, beginnings and endings, especially chaotic and violent endings, are of particular interest to humans. Christians are no exception to this rule. Since Revelation was written, Christians have loved debating the meaning of the various signs in the book. There have been thousands of sermons on the topic, and attempting to uncover the identity of the Antichrist is a popular past time on many Christian blogs. Elderly ladies at Bible studies and pimple-faced teenagers on smartphones alike have argued over what the cryptic warning signs in Revelation really mean and how to recognize them when they appear. Those signs are the only warning people will get before the end of the world comes crashing down on their heads, so it is particularly important to be able to interpret the signs and identify when the end is on its way. Those same signs are suggesting the end might be on its way. Here are seven signs Revelation will happen sooner than you think.

#1 Increased Tensions Between Groups
#2 Growing Global Population
#3 Jews Returning To Israel
#4 Israel Surrounded by Enemies
#5 Proliferation of Technology
#6 Rise of the Narrative
#7 Splintering of Christianity

The book of Revelation has always fascinated Christians. Its cryptic messages and vague warnings have had people debating over its meaning since it was first written. That has not changed in the modern era. Blogs, books, and truly uncountable sermons have been written on the topic. No one, however, has yet managed to put a hard and fast date on the end of the world. The signs may give hints when it is coming, but the Bible itself says that no one will really know the end is nigh until everything comes crashing down.

Make sure to watch the entire video to dive into all 7 signs that Revelation will happen soon than you think.

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