Growing up in church, pretty much the only dating advice I heard was: “Make sure you marry a Christian.” But what no one told me is that Christians can also be crazy! So today I want to share 7 things to look for in a guy (plus a bonus tip from my hubby James). And comment below: What else would you add to this list? Love, Tiffany Dawn

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1. Faith: Are you on the same page? (But remember, he might express his faith differently than you do.)
2. How does he treat people?
3. How does he respond to correction?
4. Do you enjoy the little things in life together?
5. Is he responsible (and wise with money)?
6. Are you able to talk through hard things and disagreements?
7. Are you drawn to each other?

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  1. Ladies take heed! Solid advice tiffany! even as a bloke im glad your sharing some very fair and balanced view of what to look for in a man 🙂 Thankyou from all the blokes 🙂

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  4. I'm not even sure about my faith and I am spending waaaay to much time working and not enough thinking about these things and especially thinking about who I am. So I will gladly take your advice on what to look for and what kind of person to be. You seem to have given it a lot of thought 😀

  5. People make a mistake when they just say "marry a Christian".
    What I mean by that is there are fake christians out there and hypocrite christians. But there is a huge difference between a Christian who has salvation and one that has the baptism of the holy spirit. When one goes looking for a relationship he or she needs to make sure they find someone that has the baptism of the holy spirit guiding them and that person themselves should have the baptism of the holy spirit guiding them too.
    If a person calls themselves a Christian and they aren't bearing the fruits of the holy spirit you should not even consider dating them.

  6. U have such a pleasant feminine energy congrats to you, I am not Christian but I wish more women had a pleasant personality like yourself

  7. oui… OUi. Omg i dated all because he-was-a-good-guy too !!! 15 years into marriage Im still thinking "i am someone who doesnt fall in love" … and then i meet a friend who blows my mind as a hindu, no offense christians, haha love u guys, but he s the first who says "god(/s)" the same way i do. Same feel. This is deeply personal. And we are everything you mentioned.. every point.

    I love your openness. Your mind resonates with mine 100%. May The Divine continue inspiring our paths and build us w the most joy and harmony possible.

  8. I stumbled across this and peaked my curiosity. I have to agree with her. There is much insight in what she has to say. I found this to be very interesting. And she brought up a lot of good points. This was better than listening to the guys perspective on dating Christian women, lol.

  9. Attraction to the persons character…this can be artificially generated. There are language patterns that can cause this connection to an extent in a large number of women. You can see the same qualities in different people and be captivated by one and not the other. Fortunately someone realized this and broke it down.. Probably the only shaky point on the list.

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  11. Love this list! Had to pause the video and laugh about 7 because it applies to my current (also first) boyfriend who has been my friend for 7 years before he asked me out. I have always felt drawn to him even though I never really considered dating him and even told my best friend a couple months before he asked me out that I wanted to date someone like him lol

  12. Is Christian Mingle really full of Christians or new age believers who want their desires. I see some young people and even some middle age today really watering down the bible these days and assuming all these thing like gay marriage and pro choice is ok. I think theres a bi sexual group of Christian women i would assume. Kind of getting weird today. Life is about marrying someone and respecting them and following Gods rules and getting thru this short life on the narrow path. Pretty easy and some ladies your battle is materialism and nice things so dont marry cause of that. Much of life is being old and just being comfortable and things wear you out.


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