Another confirmation plus scripture.



  1. I will address this once and for all…in the beginning we said WE DID NOT KNOW FOR SURE April 8th on the screen was for this year, but it matched next year exactly on Jesus ascension. IT IS Jesus Ascension, we did not have anything other than that at the time. It is the ascension/rapture of JESUS, firstfruits, now I have been given the final 42 month countdown, nothing was wrong as far as dates, it was our ascension/rapture that needed to come through as we have been learning from the Holy Spirit together as his witnesses. Praise the Father in telling us the timeline, we had to first understand HIS ascension to understand ours…and the 42 month countdown given by the spoken word in August! AMEN!!!!

  2. There is still a window for those that need to come to repentance, this is a sorrowful heart, and if they refuse Jesus and are not written in the Lambs Book of Life, there is nothing we can do but preach the truth no matter what. Stand firm all, our mission is to talk about repentance and God does the rest!! See you tonight, we will be doing communion.


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