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  1. please levi define lukewarm i tell my family about Jesus and warn them about all the tv and music they listen to….me and my gf have a spn amd have ben together fpr 7 years and we sleep in the same bed but no longer have sex cuz we aint tryna burn in hell lol as a matter of fact we dont say horny we say yu feeling forny to remind ourselves of that sin i no longer smoke pot i have since i was 12 im 22 now this is my last harvest for these california dispensaries ill be done soon hallelujah i dont care if im poor anymore because my treasures will be in heaven for me i dont smoke cigs or drink if i see a girl in tight clothes on internet or in public i instantly look down or away plz help me define look warm the only thing im slipping on is not telling more people about him sum1 plz reply help me define lukewarm so i dont get spewed out if his mouth my biggest fear is hearing him say DEPART FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU!!!

  2. Great Video – I always ask Atheists – Don't they ever just want the hope that they may have the opportunity to see their children again or their parents again. Just to hold and to hug and be with them. It's as though they could care less weather they see them again, quite content just go to that nothingness they believe in. If I were an Atheist – just for the sake of the hope to see my family and wife again – I will just rather say – yes there is a God because it gives the hope of reunite with my family again. And if it isn't true well then I've lost nothing. So Atheists who are happy to just never see your family again – I have to give to you – your emotions are as hard and abrasive as volcanic rock.

  3. Arrogance, pride, and foolishness… Isn't that what it takes to believe in your selfish god philosophy? 99.99999~% of the universe serves no purpose in your selfish philosophical view. To think that you are "created" special and with a Devine purpose. The bible exclusively depicts a flat earth from creation to Revelations. Not one spherical term is used to depict the earth. It doesn't even have a concept of an outer space.

  4. Slaves are told what to do and what to believe, when the masters are educated on how to maintain control and understand reality with science. Smart men want to find out how things work, not what he's being told. Hello slaves of Christianity.

  5. Great video!  Thank you, brother, for your prayers.  They are helping me.  I just keep on praying to the Lord in regard to my work.  I also have some people at work that I'm praying for in regard to their health and their salvation.   If you have time, please keep me in your prayers.  If you have any need of prayer, please let me know.  Blessings in Jesus Name.

  6. Christians that willingly turn away from the Spirit (who could even do this? well we know they exist… very sick) will have a worse punishment. Christians who do not know better will be judged according to their works. This distinction should be made. We don't want to resort to black and white thinking, this is the way the devil paints the world. God is the judge for a reason, we are not fit for the job. All of this I say with love, God bless.

    1 Corinthians 12 — I really want to emphasize this. The Christians in your profile picture who are dying for Jesus don't even carry the same views as Western Christians. We need to remember this and keep faith because the only reason to accept black and white thinking is to quell confusion caused by doubt.

    Your ministry is wonderful man. The Holy Spirit is alive in that chat room and in you my brother. Take care.

  7. Ah the argument from ignorance, "you can't explain this so therefor god". I personally wouldn't say I know a god doesn't exist but I would say we don't have good reasons or evidence to believe one does.
    Yes you claim to know god; so how do you know your god exist? Do you have a way to test that your god exist?

  8. Even the demons know there is GOD ,
    JESUS is coming Soon! And the World,
    Will Face Him Soon enough ! JESUS Justice Court Will Soon be in session ! This universe did not Come by accident !

  9. How can I do the will of Jesus and obey him..We all Sin sometimes and I have a problem with lusting. I repent and try hard not to fall back into that cycle. What can I do. Please give me advice. Thank you

  10. also brother , can you pray for me because I have been really depressed and this is the reason.

    Well I haven't been doing good in chemistry, and I don't need the class to graduate but I feel like a failure,like what if I do horrible in college , what if I do horrible on my future job that I will have. like what if I fail there just like chemistry , even though I don't need chemistry to graduate.

  11. that's why a year ago I examined my life and had to admit I was not a good Christian and I changed my life around and repented and truly started to seek the Lord and to live holy . I have a lot of shame from when I was a Lukewarm bad Christian . I just hope the Lord has forgiven me , I really think he has but I strive each day to live as holy and Christ like as I can now. I can't change the past all I can do is repent and live for God now.

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