This sint some random petition to the white house, THIS can actually make a difference and you can be part of it. SIGN THE PETITION
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  1. REI is a co-op but they still use merchant banks.
    The banks are so entwined that no company can ever freely stand-up to one …
    that would be standing up to ALL… and the DAPL riots or whatever are staged too.

  2. I'm a part of REI co-op and I love the store! Makes me happy to see goodness growing so I signed the petition too 🙂 Oh yeah, RFB IGNORE ALL THE HAT HATRED GOING ON IN THE COMMENTS IT'S JUST GOOFY AND YOU AIN'T DISNEY 🙂

  3. Most of what REI sells is made from oil in other countries. When I joined them, 80% of there products were made from oil but in Seattle. Still use my "McKinley " series tent and sleeping bag. Now they're anti oil ? Most of they're products ride around in plastic car carriers on Subarus , unbelievable.

  4. It would be even more impressive if REI announced that it's accepting gold and silver coins for payment besides credit cards. THAT is where you really hit the bankers hard.

  5. There are numerous pipelines already in the ground (within the same area)…but, this is an issue now?

    Why is this one so sacred? So important?

    This seems like a story created by the media for starting up riots and major conflict. Just sitting by the wayside…just simmering for the right time to brew and percolate…


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