#Dee1 #MissionVision

Shot and Edited by @KeonGibson
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  1. Alright! Go Dee! He has such a cute relationship with his supporters. It's been fun watching his career blossom into what it is today. He's been working hard. Very proud of him. All love from REAL OAKLAND, CA <3

  2. What a blessing to be apart of the MVP moment; it has brought so many people to my life. I honestly that I talk to some almost every day. Some I have even to trip with traveled to see, and one I will so witness their wedding day. The MVP moment is a family. If it weren't for our shared love for Dee-1, our sisterhood would've never existed. That's how special Dee is. His ministry makes strangers family! And I thank you for that, Dee.

    P.S. This was a fantastic short film and you giving out the pink roses…DOPE!

  3. Dee-1 you definitely gave an unforgettable experience for your MVPs. I am so proud of you. Despite you being nervous about the tour, you channeled in that nervous energy and put out a phenomenal performance for your fans. The energy you gave off was real. I am glad that those who did go were able to be filled with joy, inspiration, and a lot of positive energy. You did it CHAMP👌🏾🏆💯🔥❤️ another special memory added to 2019.

  4. Man Dee 1 bro so proud of you man God showing out in your life and I love it bro can’t wait to meet you man 🙏🏾🙏🏾 aNd Congratulations on the halftime Performance bro 🙏🏾💪🏾 All Glory 2 God we Bold in Christ with it


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