praise the lord! my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. This the dream which, God showed me about the “SIXTH SEAL” He spoke about his rapture,,JESUS IS COMING SOON. please watch it till the end. Share with your friends and family. please share your interpretations in the comment section. May God bless you all.

The rapture dream –
The spread of diseases through abominable meat –


Bible verses:

Revelation 6 : 12-14
1 John 1: 9&10
1 Corinthians 6 : 9&10



  1. Its interesting if you look up Space X satellities, they have just put many satellites in the sky and they call it the constellation. I have had an intuition the spiritual protectors will take this satellite system out because it is a demonic technology. Even the Earth has been heavy with demonic spells for so long and there are energies coming to purify her and cleanse here. The scroll image is so interesting! I have been feeling the sky is not real and seeing it waving like a scroll or fabric above me. I don't trust the catholic source of Christianity but study Gnostic gospels – available online. Absolute/infinite vs 2 dimensional/binary and all the dimensions in between need to be re-harmonized again. We are not well-equipped in our multi-dimensional self-navigation and we need God's help to repair ourselves on every dimensional level of ourselves.

  2. the reason why, people aren't really for the RAPTURE. is because it take him A EVER LONG TIME COME. people are give up on him. if he would came in 90 people would been really even the early 20th century people think he's a lier and am one of them, but am trying my hardest too holed on to faith but it not easy.

    from someone how being real about it. you can't blame people for losing hope. CAN YOU

  3. Yes think u r right sister lately I’m convicted about smaller sins too like foolish jesting or saying something is stupid when I’m irritated, these days feels like everything I do is a sin. And like u said watching vulgar comedy shows, trying to ignore the bad parts n focus on uplifting parts of show is not working anymore, seems like 90% of stuff on tv these days is corrupt. Yet I know God loves me n is gracious, he loves us all but must be so sad n frustrating to be God n feeling like no one cares. Yesterday I cried because I felt in my spirit there r not enough harvesters , I confess I’m motivated to share gospel for half a second then I fall into despondency n give up , don’t have consistency, partially cuz I feel no one cares, but we can’t give up. God hasn’t given up n he has way more to be frustrated about so let’s not give up either but pray to Holy Spirit ever day for help.


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