1. This is exactly how I feel now. I've fully dedicated my life to Him and consecrated myself and though I haven't overcome everything this word spoke to me. I feel a heavy darkness over my heart almost like a void. Please let Jesus show up for me!

  2. ok, gang, I had a dream of Bob Jones three months before he died. Several other odd experiences occurred during those three months. I did not know him however, heard little of him. I watched one video of him for about three minutes. I sent the written dream to his wife and a close friend of bob's who we have been close to now for several years. No response. anyone wants to take a crack at it…

  3. Miss Amy i am so glad that i found you on here. I am so thankful for you and Paul Keith's ministry and i am so very thankful for your servants heart. It has been my desire in my quest of drawing closer to King Jesus to hear from Him and i earnestly pray to be able to speak His words with fervor and simplicity, to this end times church as you and PK do. God bless you both in all you set your hands to in the name of Jesus! ♥️

  4. Oh My Wow! ❤️Bless The Lord Jesus! Thank you so much for sharing-as You Spoke of The Voice Also In your dream- Your Voice Just Became His Voice – It Also Became The Word The Key Piece The Message You Heard of & My Encounter with Jesus !❤️ You just Perfected what He Showed me as well!

  5. After the breakthrough, there’s also a connecting to the Body, truely being made ONE in the Spirit & in purpose/mission. Truly becoming His UNIFIED BODY, about our Fathers Business!

  6. We can love our enemy because we know it is a demon that makes them an unloving person. If that demon was cast out, they would be different than the negative way they are acting. So we pray not for the demon but for the person trapped within. We this way pray with understanding and not with haste for that person.

  7. Melissa from Midnight Hour Oil put a link to one of your videos below her video. This video started to play on auto play and boy oh boy is this speaking to me!! I was just reading Psalm 68, too. My bible kept opening to it. I have been alone for 24 years awaiting the promises of God which include my husband of "promise." I know who he is. God is about to bring us together and he is a Boaz. All i have ever known is dysfunction and captivity. Dysfunction in EVERY relationship, on all fronts. I just want to be free and the family he has promised to me, the family i have never had. God Bless you.

  8. I know what this video is all about. Kinda feeling like that angel….homes for God's children, for these and in harmony with nature, healing of the people, the land, the air, the water…EVERYTHING! I was COMMANDED to get healthy, less than a month away from death… some of my posts….I'm telling you the Truth! Hallelujah! Just today, I posted more in depth than I ever have due to a sign and then I'm led here and you are talking about it. 🙂 and yes looking forward to meeting my family because I've been alone for so long and all I've been working on for over 7 yrs is for you, God's children and the establishment of Christ Kingdom. My greatest dream is to be surrounded by my family, singing praises, living in His ways, so that when He comes…..we're purified, healthy in mind, body and spirit and most of all…we're READY!:) The healing has already started….:) Hallelujah! Check the playlist on my site esp the one on Canada, I had no clue until recently that Canada was the starting point…I have been gathering the words of others that all support what's on this video…..we may be in Revelation but people of God….why does no one talk about the 7 thunders and what that could possibly be….this is it….a wonderful opportunity/light in the midst of darkness, Our God is amazing, mighty and vastly intelligent. Hallelujah! This would happen a lot faster if people would connect with me…I kinda feel like John the Baptist in the internet wilderness.

  9. Thank you for this message
    I really needed this message
    At 70 single most my life and living by myself is fine, just dont get to go anywhere, because I don't have a car
    Living so far from my son and grandkids.

  10. I needed to hear this. I'm getting over a hump. But I have been blessed with intense strength, intuition, observation, and empathy for mankind. I'm looking for my tribe. You are really sweet.

  11. Please pray for all my family that are stuck in this void. That the HolySpirit wakes them up in the Love of God!! God Bless, I’m Happy for you and husband! Oh, remember Love , is always the Key!!🙏👑❤️🕊✝️

  12. Thank you Amy. This is an awesome word. I didn't know who Paul Keith was until last year. His mantle is welcome and so is yours. Bless you both in your new adventures. I see powerful exploits for you two together.

  13. Please pray brothers and sisters for my healing it’s Easter Sunday I’m going to go through another round of chemotherapy nothing is impossible with our father

  14. Hi , I dont know you or Bob however I have such conviction to Jesus to his body. My husband and I live in Southern Az, he is BP here . We are originally from the South , we have been here 8 years. March 12 th of this year ( our daughters birthday) the lord took me into darkness , see we had been in a Church here that was preaching a false gospel. I couldn't sleep or eat, the lord showed me I was committing adultry with my double mindedness… He is so merciful I repented , my husband repented our children are being called back ( they are teens) since then my whole life here is over praise God. I had been accepted into a doctors without borders RT program I had worked 6 years for. The only ight before it was to start , Jesus let me know my heart concerning this, i said Oh lord i never asked you if this was okay, if you dont want me to do it then part the sea. I was a shoe in , i was top of the class.. that following morning I was REMOVED FEOM THE ROISTER….. I know nothing except he is coming and I know before we leave here many youth will come. Thankyou so much for sharing .

  15. Amy, this is powerful and an incredible affirmation of what I’d hoped God was doing in me. I am encouraged by this clarity to help me understand while I’m on this side of the breakthrough. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for sharing. I experienced that void several years ago, as if all oxygen was gone. I could still breathe, but didn't want to without His presence. Definitely disconnected. He allowed me to experience what it would actually feel like to live without Him. Empty!
    I'm thankful He restored me!


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