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  1. From the book of Jude's passage saying "snatch them out from the fire", i've heard a teaching that you can literally snatch your loved ones (in the spirit) that is already in hell, burning, and bring them to heaven. They are operating prophetically claiming that they have done it. Let's be vigilant not to be deceived.

  2. I’m really frightened to have sex without marriage now.I couldn’t relax had strong fear in my relationship .Sometimes only te fear of God I’ll stop us from inning in that way .I still have changes to make by the grace of God

  3. A few weeks ago I felt this horrible fear come over me. I truly felt like God was going to take back the life he had given me. I prayed instantly but it didn't go away til I was flat on my face praying & crying out to God! After it was all said & done, I felt a type of renewal with the Lord. Terrifying & eye opening all at the same time. God is good! May he bless you all.

  4. Me too brother Levi I seek my own salvation with fear and trembling. Don't concern yourself with others business. Instead concern yourself with your own business and your own relationship with Lord Jesus. That's the whole message I'm trying to get out to everybody.

  5. Amen brother. You gotta have the fear of the LORD in you, to walk according to His ways. I have to examine myself daily, outta the fear of GOD. I've put down and turned from my major sins, now i'm working on my eating habits, to not over eat, but to eat in moderation, through fasting and prayer, cause gluttony will send you to Hell. I tell ya, this life is just a dressing room for Eternity. It truly is Holiness and Obedience or Hell, Amen, Shalom.

  6. amen pulling them out of the fire I remember this boy I witness to one time and he took a OD of Drugs and Jesus saved him out of the fire. he said he felt Jesus pull him out of the fire of Hell.

  7. Praise God thank you Jesus! Thank you brother Levi let's Grow and fellowship together in christ! Time's running out! REPENT and BELIEVE the right way the ONLY way diligently Seeking the Lord with an obedient Faithfulness spirit in christ! Let's Endure and Hold on until the end! Peace from Wellington New Zealand.


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