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  1. Hey I just wanna thank you for your prayers for my job no one said anything about it my boss didn’t call me into his office because I looked through the employee handbook and I didn’t break any laws on this issue. It’s funny this kid I graduated with screenshotted my picture of a man and a woman getting married saying straight pride and it wasn’t meant to attack someone I just thought it was funny because it’s true and he said he’s gonna show people how rude and bigoted I am and I just said thanks for the publicity lol

  2. Temple Baptist Michael Johnson The people I’ve ran into who have a form of godliness are the lordship salvation people because you know I wanna live a separated life I still struggle with things but have come a long way in my walk and I remember when I first got saved knew the Gospel and I saw these people in their little picket fence and everything just looked perfect but as I talked to them about what they believe a ton of red flags went off


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