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  1. These dolls are destroying the love between men and women…… If there are sex dolls…. Birth rates would get lower…… the world is going against God's creation

  2. They would not change the rules at school for a health problem that causes people to be born with both body parts male and female and they are called hermaphrodites…..some people are born with it and cannot help the way they are born. The schools did nothing about that but they will do this for perversions??!! (( her·maph·ro·dite
    a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) as the natural condition ))

  3. Hyper – christian, Sex dolls are not disgusting. You are obviously brainwashed by religious doctrine that states god gave you desires and free will, but you can't use these urges. Also why would god make our pleasure system so rewarding? If its a sin, in which the concept of sin is ludicrous.

  4. This guy takes the time to put up the video and then he starts talking like he's some prude religious fanatic what the hell is wrong with you man do you have children how did you do that without touching a woman you're sicker than the dolls are dude

  5. Not all gifted in love dept and I think its a great invention to keep them from being satisfied and not angry. If its therapy to find how can it be wrong. Leave it alone. Its not going to be something that available in every market. Its not out in your face. Its better morals than strip clubs etc. Its clean and safe. Didn't hurt anyone.

  6. Prolargentsize has definitely put the fire back into my sex life. In general i feel so much more energetic and full of spark. I buy this special product from Prolargentsize

  7. Well, the Elite, once they whittle down the populace, will probably find each other so repulsive, they will want their own AI robot sex dolls to collect and tell them how incredible they are – Puke. Truth.

  8. If it can cook, clean, and can be far more superior in being a man's helper than a women. I just might buy one just for that shear factor.

    women today are NOT WOMEN. they are men. there is no benefit in having one besides sex.

    before the industrial revolution. things where way better because Christianity was so common. where Men and Women had roles. but now. people forgot who they are.

  9. Sex is now a dirty discusting thing,animalistic in nature,forget the love of two souls flying in space trading genetic material to further the human family.I had seen they are even putting small children sex dolls out to the freaks among us,those that are sick that think that children are their property to do with as they please with consent not needed.Hate the sin pray for the soul is all we can do,and hope that our saviour will come back soon and stop the madness of this discusting march into madness

  10. these guys are not only selling a sex doll but they are saying that in the future IT will have cameras on their eyes so you could use it as a surveillance cam and record everything… well how convenient is that?!! IT will be able to connect with everything you have, your emails, bank account and while at IT make you a great cup of coffee! (uk tv series humans) forget about the 18 personalities IT'll sure come with a tranquilliser dart located under their arm pits! but hey, IT can have blue nipple if you wanted to!
    humans are so dumb down that this is the perfect way for the government to go inside your house and deeper into your pants!!! westworld much?!!!
    Thank you Richie for your great videos!!!! cheers from Buenos Aires !


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