In this video, Sadie and I give you a message that has been on our hearts about single Christians and Christian dating and relationships!

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  1. Hi there! The message of this video is not at all to say that if you follow God better, you’ll find a spouse! We’re trying to encourage Christians to focus on seeking God and not just a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with desiring one obviously, but we’re encouraging those that maybe aren’t prioritizing their walks with The Lord that God won’t bless idolizing everything other than Him. This is not a call to, “seek God and then maybe He will give you a spouse” but instead, “ seek God because you love Him and so that you will be ready for Him to bless you!” We tried to make it clear that just because you’re pursuing Him that God won’t drop someone in your lap, but if we failed to convey that, we apologize! There are many lovely men and women of God that are single for no reason other than that it is not God’s timing! God bless you! 🙏🏻

  2. I've been single all my life, and I've been substantially patient with waiting for the lord to bless me with someone. I'm Currently 27 years of age, and still single. At this point, I deserve a godly woman in my life. I'm getting older not younger. Times running out.

  3. Dear Sam and Sadie, may I ask you? How did Sadie became a woman worthy of love of a good, kind, smart, good looking man? I am disappointed with the man I am married to, I feel no attraction or interest anymore. It is sad as I see around handsome, kind, funny and intelligent, interesting man as a whole package, but they are all taken now by women like Sadie. I got married very young and in a tiny little city I am from, he was honestly the less ugly one, even I found his eyes attractive, and he was kind and caring. But he never wanted to build a career, build a future or make plans for the family, plus he was disinterested in having intimacy. I suffer so much as it feels that the only thing I deserve – to be bored, unwanted sexually, unattractive and trapped. Feels like I will never be loved by someone equal and someone I would want or like. I am not single and single at the same time. Please, guys, also don't show up there all happy and perfect, telling people: stay single…it hurts

  4. 32 years never been with a woman im trusting in god its hard and i feel lonely but that will make it all the sweeter when he sends me my one. I must care for my family and build me im not ready yet. He will let me know stay strong hes there and in his time he will add things to you.

  5. Thank you guys for sharing,,,
    pursuit of the kingdom of God and his righteousness should be the most important thing……. I'm exactly at that point of letting Jesus be my only Passion, totally Loving Him wholeheartedly i do this while asking Him to lead me to that that prudent women who can only come from Him………….
    I'm looking forward to what God as in store for me.
    You two make a beautiful and wonderful couple ❤….. May God keep your marriage and be gracious to you.

  6. I want to have a relationship with someone who be able to Pray together,worship together. Read the Bible at night together. Let God first in our relationship. How beautiful ✨🙏🏼🥰

  7. Can someone please, please, elaborate on how to be content in singleness and content with being alone with God? No one ever elaborates on how to do that, and it's frustrating at this point for me.

  8. The world is a messed up place and it is harder than ever for people to find each other. Left so much “advice” is not biblical and sneaks under the radar. For example another well known pastor on YouTube listed 5 things that must happen before God will bring someone to you. Most of it was common sense but one was not biblical. It stated that you must be financially secure. Where in the Bible does it state that a person must be financially secure before they are fit for marriage? With the exception of royalty and Ruth and Boaz (a non traditional matchup) most newlyweds were children passing into adulthood through marriage and in nearly all cases the families would pledge support to help the couple get started until they were viable on their own. Jacob was a freeloader in Laban’s house when he asked for Racheal’s hand in marriage and his father Issac was a prince of a tribal cheiftan but all the wealth belonged to Abraham.

  9. I’m 27 years old I’ve never even been in a relationship because of how females are scared, schizophrenic, insecure human beings when I can purify the very mines by the way how God made me but they don’t want that. I wish I was married I can’t be alone anymore I don’t wanna be alone. I’ve been trying to wait patiently but it just seems like it’s taking forever.

  10. We're dealing with the Creater and King of the universe not our golfing buddy Stan! God blesses most people with the covenant of marriage, but not everyone. A few people are gifted with celibacy and live totally single so that they may serve God exclusively and with full devotion. They don't desire marriage nor wish to experience sexual intimacy. But there are other reasons why some people will not ever marry. Apparently some Christians are not chosen for marriage. They would like to be married, but God keeps them from being married. They have to learn to surrender their desire for marriage to God but it's a difficult life they end up experiencing! God knows that this struggle is for their ultimate good even though it doesn't seem that way to us. Some people have careers that make marriage difficult so they choose to forsake it in light of that reality. And some people are broken by abuse and disfunction they choose to remain single rather than pulling another person into their brokenness! This life is not all their is. We need to remember that this world is badly broken, and Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show were illusions of reality not representations of real life (as nice as they seemed). Heaven is our objective. I understand that now. If we have an eternal perspective then we will be willing to do whatever the Lord asks of us, even if it means that we will not be married. And I am sad to say the churches are not preparing the members for marriage in a Biblical way. Why else is the church divorce rate at 50% and 70% of Christian men are addicted to pornography? Something needs to change and quickly! Just my observations…

  11. All the single guys out there , just focus on getting ripped and rich. Being good looking and well off does 80% of the work required to get an attractive girl willing to stay by your side. Make sure you’re the best version of yourself, don’t listen to any other advice. You’ll thank me

  12. thank you for sharing your story and thoughts, I am a 67 yr old widower since Sept of 2019 when the Lord brought my dear sweet wife of almost 25 years home after a 34 month ordeal w lung cancer, and a devastating spinal cord injury. I know that whatever is before me single or otherwise, I will be fine as long as I trust, and rely on the Lord.

  13. I didn’t even finish this video. It turned into yet another “God won’t let you get married unless you’re content” and “singleness is godlier marriage” nonsense. This is patently false. Look at our culture today. It got this way because we play mental gymnastics and denigrate marriage.

  14. I'm so sad that the theological idea of "When you do X God will bless you with the guy or girl He has for you" Is still prevalent. It has ZERO scriptural basis and fuels a lot of false ideas about God as a cosmic matchmaker. There's a lot of people who follow the Lord as closely as they can and delight in Him all their lives and they desire to be married but God never sends them "The one He has for them."

    It's time this unscriptural teaching gets retired permanently.

  15. During my single years, I spent time alone reading scripture and found it amazing and liberating to not have to do the mental gymnastics often seen in Christian dating.

    John 10:34 (KJV)
    34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

    Matthew 6:22 (KJV)
    22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be SINGLE, thy whole body shall be full of light.

    Hebrews 6:1 (KJV)
    1 Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,

    -Spend time alone with The Lord. Stay away from Disney Christians, New Age Weirdos and pretty much 90% of all other so-called churches and you'll find that you can hear God's voice better without all the vomit and filth in the confusing denominations and endless bible versions and endless rhetoric that has zero power, zero christ and zero holy ghost.

  16. Hello – The whole idea is to give up relationships and to be single in order to concentrate on spirituality, master life and the mysteries, balance one's karma and succeed in the sixth initiation to arrive at ascension and immortality. Not to get married and have children and just to be working to maintain hearth and home all one's life, then coming back to do it all over again, life after life. Please realise this. Blessings – RevDrD/Ministry

  17. After all those years of faith, the only thinghs that I've learned is dying upon some ways, don't expect anymore deams or thinghs, but learn to yourself how to die everyday to sin and life and just keep going, alone, through prayers.

  18. My story is so crazy to me XD because like, I was supper content being single, and then all of a sudden this guy falls in love with me and I just wanted to push him away because I didn't understand, and I got scared in a sense (I was struggling with my mental health, which contributed to the pushing away). I know the value of contentment, but I got distracted and lost it. I'm praying that God leads me there again. The guy and I have kept in contact, but are just trying to be friends first. Thanks for this message.

  19. Thanks guys for this video. I hope your marriage prospers greatly. I pray for the both of you. I struggle with singleness and having mental issues because of it. You feel like giving up all the time. Your video is a gem to me though.

  20. Here's another piece of advice to add to this video, most people who are single are single because God is protecting the other person from you. Yeah, that's an oof. A lot of single people crave love, and companionship but are still carrying demons, bad habits, emotional issues and all other sorts of problems. In order to be worthy of a relationship, you need to be in right standing before God seeking to be sin free. If you're struggling with sin, you're not ready for a partner.
    To add the cherry on top, even people in relationships aren't safe. Just because you're dating someone doesn't mean you were ready to. A lot of the time Christians confuse "people their attractive to and start dating" with "this must be God". Which is why the 50% divorce rate applies to Christians too.
    The only way to be sure you're ready is to be in the position that Jesus described which Jesus identified as a true "believer". So if you're not casting our demons, praying for the sick etc. Well you're not a true beleiver in the eyes of God. Because those were the direct commandments of Jesus Christ.
    Mark 16:17-18

  21. Just something to ponder. We are all looking for answers to our prayers. But we have to remember that God is not a vending machine. We are not entitled to the answer we want. God always answers prayer, but sometimes the answer is 'No' this is not good for you. Sometimes the answer is 'Grow' you are not ready yet. Sometimes the answer is 'Slow', the time is not right. Sometimes, the answer is 'go' you are ready. The time is ready. You are just not seeing it. As an older single person to my younger single friends, use this season of singleness to learn about yourself. Become your own best friend until the Lord who knows you so well brings you someone who deserves the wonderful person that you are.

  22. Please, please, please! Stop saying that to get a spouse from God, you need to grow spiritually! That's a lie – where is that in the Bible?! I am not saying that the lack of spiritual maturity is never the reason why God is not giving you a spouse (though most Christians get married while they are very immature, and that's perhaps the reason they get married – because they don't care about or don't recognize God’s will), but the goal of spiritual growth is not to get married!!! If it's not God’s will for you to get married because He has more important things to do for you, you can grow as you want, but God will not give you a spouse. Not because you are not mature and ready enough but because it's not His sovereign will…Also, most Christians were actively looking for a spouse while they “found” their spouse….The “You will get it when you least expect it, or God will give it to you, when you stop looking for it” is not a biblical principle! “Ask the Father in Jesus' name, and you will receive “ is a biblical principle…so please stop saying these misconceptions. This might be your story but don’t make general conclusions out of it.


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