In this video, I mistakenly said “Smyrna” when I should have said “Sardis.” My apologies to Smyrna. The rest of the video is free from any errors, and you should feel free to agree with every single word of it!

This is part three of Lori’s dream.

Not watching is the rule of thumb for the church (brick and mortar). But for much of the Church (capital C), watching is not only obeying…it’s what we want to do.



  1. Stan, this may very well be my 'drop the mic' moment…

    I just saw that on 9/11 this year, there are 111 days left in the year.
    But that's nothing. It gets way better …

    As I said in my last post, this is pure speculation, and I'm not setting a date. However, 11 days after 9/11 is 9/22, the Fall Equinox (and possibly the Rapture?). In John 11:9, Jesus curiously says, "Are there not 12 hours of daylight?"
    On what day of the year are there (roughly) 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night? The Equinox. And just two verses later, in John 11:11, Jesus says that Lazarus is asleep, and He's going to "wake him up."
    (As a side note, the Fall Equinox works out well symbolically, as the 12 hours of daylight will have ended (the Church Age ended, with the Church being the light of the world) and the 12 hour period of nighttime/darkness/the Tribulation commences.)

    Also, do you know what happens in Rev. 11:11?
    The Two Witnesses are resurrected.

    11:11 seems to have to do with resurrection. At least in these two passages: John 11:11 and Rev. 11:11.

    Did you know that for the Feast of Trumpets, 3 distinct sounds of the shofar are blown in sets of 9 and repeated 11 times, giving you 99. Of course, the 100th sounding is the 'last trump.' Maybe this is the significance of your 9/11. Is it pointing to 11 days later, the day the last trump is going to sound?

    As I said in my last post, 11:11 also points to destruction, as Nov. 11 is Cheshvan 17, the day the Flood began.
    IF (big IF) the rapture happened on 9/22, 50 days later is Nov. 11.
    What is the significance of 50? Pentecost, and the sealing of the the disciples through the gift of the Spirit. What if, on 9/22, the Spirit (Church) is taken out of the world, and 50 days later, on 11/11, the 144,000 get their own Pentecost and are sealed? And remember that the angel says, "Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God." In other words, on 11/11, the flood is about to start, and the angel is basically saying don't let it start until the 144,000 are sealed.

    Again, all pure speculation. 9/22 and the Feast of Trumpets could come and go, and everything I just said would be rendered meaningless. Still, it's very, very interesting, and I remain hopeful we'll see our Lord soon.

    P.S. : If on 9/22 the Rapture happened, there would be the 'sudden destruction' coming upon the world that Jesus and Paul warned about. What if there were three days of darkness following that (with destruction happening on the globe and the Church/light of the world being removed [perfect symbolism!] )? What would three days of darkness signify to the Jews? It's the 9th of the 10 plagues that came upon Egypt — the last plague/judgement before the FINAL plague/judgement. Which is what? The death of the Egyptians/heathen/unsaved. And the saving of the Jews. It's Passover. Which happened in the (original) first month, Nisan. Maybe this is where your Nisan (Titans) sign comes into play.

    So, as the three days of darkness ends on the first of the Jewish new year, the first day of the Jewish new year is combined — Rosh Hashanah (and symbolically, Nisan) — so that the civil and religious calendars are combined. And this first day of the new year kicks off the start of the final 7 years/Daniel's 70th week. What if a day or two later, after the world recovers, they come together on Sept. 27 (9/27) (Daniel 9:27 {Hello!!} and confirm a covenant with Israel? They will not only allow Israel to build their new temple, they'll demand it, so that 'their god' would be appeased and no longer bring such harsh judgement upon the world.

    Ten days after 9/25 (the very start of Rosh Hashanah) is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. What a perfect time for the Jews to re-start their sacrifices, maybe starting with those two perfect red-haired heiffers they have, which we've heard so much about.

  2. Lori's Dream was about the Black Hole portal. She will follow someone she sees as wise through. Titans vs Giants was a biogenic memory of the sub reality we are resolving/releasing/reliving. Sort of how the cycle of photosynthesis follows the same steps. So do we follow the same steps as we realize our Cosmic selves. Lori flipped the numbers because her mind was telling her "mirror reality" and "twins" (Twin Towers fell on 9/11). Hence why people call the portal "The Looking Glass." Apollo is a Twin. Apollo returns in Revelations. This will be relatively soon and private at first. Then,. peaceful. Lori was yanked out so that she can remember and tell You.💎🐉🌈

  3. So, 9/11 came & went, but what happened? well lets see….. England now has A new King! I'd call THAT A pretty honking big Sign! gets any larger & it'll need FAA clearance! after the slew of things this whole family has had thrown their way, being supposedly of Vlad Tepes Dracul lineage, to lizard people, to the ACTUAL canadian RMP pressing charges against them for the 10 orphan children who vanished while the royals were there Oct 10 1964 from A picnic.

    Or so the "Story" goes, good luck proving it, last guy died "mysteriously" at 58 in A hospital & no one has said why.

    Anyway, I would also point out the timing with this "House of the Dragon" filth they're hyping & were pushing heavy before this event, along with the "rings of power" getting LOTTA use out of the quotes marker this morning!

    Aweful lot of coincidences running up quite a tally until yesterdays coronation of Chucky the 3rd.

    Lastly, if you want another Giant's VS the Titans theme that might make sense, take a look at the Right & Left politics happening around the world, people being divided into 2 camps, but neither side is of the Lord in truth, your either A Giant, or A Titan, both are abomination unto God, thus don't go to the Left nor to the right, but always on the straight path.

    Still lead to 9/11 as an infamous day didn't it? & That was before the royal bucket kicked, we got the message I pray!

    Read up, pray up & keep watching folks The Lord bless & keep all who cherish his word & his works.

  4. I enjoy your sense of humor. Lol. I already commented on your original NFL video that absolutely nothing will happen because they really do not care about sports. LOL!!!!! I just wanted to see what your reaction was when absolutely nothing happened. I look forward to your next delightfully whaky videos!! Lol!!!

  5. 😲 Stan this is Amazing 🩸🌈🩸 This is Huge 🤗 This is for Now 🥰 I was led to do a study 🔎 back in June and had no idea why …. Until now … All Glory to God 💖 :

    ❤️September 24, 2022 … on the “Gregorian calendar”
    …. 👉🏻 IS. 👈🏻. …
    ❤️September 11, 2022 …. On the “Julian calendar”❣️

    Study 🔎 can be confirmed at Wikipedia, by searching “Julian calendar” There’s a 13 day difference between the Julian and Gregorian dates🦋

    I was blown away to see 👀 : *9-24 … is … *9-11 … on their calendar.
    ⌛️ 🤔⌛️ Praise Jesus we’re going home very soon💖🏡💖

  6. The churches are helping the nwo. All the bibles are being changed to support the one world religion coexist. The preacher's are satanic agents. Masons. They will direct their congratulations to accept 666.

  7. Well, here we are. Waiting at the train station. Luckily I got my Steam Deck this week, so I can pass the time playing a litte No Man's Sky, while waiting for the train.

    I just fixed my spaceship. Pretty much ready to fly away.

  8. >>> 777 "Completion" <<< After 7 months + 7 weeks + 7 days from the beginning of this year, September 27th will start // Tishrei 1 – start new year – Feast of Trumpets // September 26th 2022 ends Sabbatical year 5782 – September 27th starts new Shmita cycle // start Jubilee year. Start Tribulation ? and before that our Rapture ?

  9. I think that’s a little bit of a reach. You’re giving the NFL way too much credit. To have us think that anyone from a sports league sat around with opened bibles, and purposely chose to name a team to oppose the word of God is way far fetched. I’m certain God, the Bible, biblical times etc…. Were anywhere in the forefronts of their minds when naming the Tennessee Titans. I feel like you added that for dramatic effects.

  10. Stan, I love your sense of humor.
    I'm on the same humor page. LOL
    I hope we're neighbors or in the same neighborhood in the kingdom 🤗 I'll be sure to complain about drapes if they clash with my gardens. LOL 😄
    I enjoy gardening.
    Anywho… I did notice the half-time show is with Three 6 Mafia 🤦‍♀️
    (three sixes = 666 mafia)

  11. I’ve watched your past 3 videos and when I watched the first video I googled the Titans logo and the T in the helmet looks a lot like the Tesla logo. Not sure if there is any relevance but just wanted to share. Gob bless you!

  12. Stan, I just re-watched your very first video about what 11:11 means. You talked about the Hebrew letter Kaph, which is depicted as an 11 appearing within an 11. The 11th day contained within the 11 month is Nov. 11. Do you know what day this is on the Hebrew calendar this year? It's Cheshvan 17 — the day the Flood began.

    "As it was in the days of Noah … ."

    Also, the number 11 is often associated with chaos and judgement. On that note, if you look at Stellarium from the vantage point of Jerusalem on Nov. 11, both Venus (Jesus is the "bright morning star," which is Venus) AND the Sun (Son) will be in the constellation of Libra. This is the constellation of the scales — signifying weighing in the balance and judgement. This could be the day that Jesus passes judgement. Or starts to.

    Additionally, the day we're looking at here in this video — Sept. 11 — 11 days from that is of course, Sept. 22. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and it's 2022. Sept. 22 is the first day of Autumn. It marks the end of Summer, and thus (symbolically, at least) the last day to harvest the summer crops. Perhaps the day of the Great Harvest, with Jesus rapturing the Church? (I'm not setting a date, just thinking out loud.) We know that God will wait until the very last minute to harvest every soul He can. Thus He will wait until the very last day of Summer before harvesting.

    With the Jewish day starting in the evening, Sept. 22-23 plus 11 days would lead to Oct. 3-4, which is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Zech. 12:10 says "…they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son." Then verse 11 says "In that day shall there be great mourning in Jerusalem." If (and that's a BIG IF) the rapture was on Sept. 22, the Jews will have seen Jesus harvest His church, they will have seen the one they have pierced, and it makes sense that on this Day of Atonement, they'd mourn over Him and fulfill Zech. 12:10.

    Again, not making predictions, just observations.

    See you at the train station.

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