So, I was kind of going back and forth on whether to do anything on the explosion in Beirut, but then I came across this fascinating little bit of msm coverage on Sky News Australia, where they were condemning a different msm station of allowing a “horrific anti-Israel conspiracy theory” to air, and, yeah… Sorta “hilarious”, but mostly just really disturbing.

The Project allows ‘ugly knee-jerk anti-Israel blame game’ in response to Beirut blast ( )

Israel – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses UN Assembly, General Debate, 73rd Session, 2018 ( )

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  1. It’s interesting because there are all these anti-Israel comments here I’m not pro-Israel but why would they not have the right to blow the hell out this location if what Netanyahu was saying is true? And I think likely what he said was true!!!!!

  2. Yes Mr Netanyahu God knows, and He sees, All the Criminal activity and Abominations Against His Holy name, He sees the innocent 😇 who have been caught in the crossfire of Your greed, He’s heard their cry’s and how You blaspheme His name while taking advantage of His people The Christians, He is sick of your Parades, and Social Engineering against His Creation from insects to Humans made in His image, Yeah Mr Netanyahu God sees it All, and soon You will come before Him, and will know that He hasn’t forgotten either. One of those Things You and Company never apologized for was The bombing of America’s Navy intelligence Ship 🚢 The USS Liberty. Yup, there’s so much innocent blood on your hands, and on your watch with your approval, and it’s Harvest time. What you’ve sown Mr Netanyahu is what You will reap now, thus says The Lord !

  3. Grain silo for the nation right next to the explosion site. Port is used to ship supplies to Syria who're fighting a proxy war against Israeli and Turkish backed militias…takes out a predominantly Christian area of the city…it's just an accident

  4. If you read these words and you are facing bad times in your life, I want to tell you that you are not alone.

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  5. Well, I used to think it was an accident until I saw uncle Ben "setting the stage" in that video. Anyone who knows anything about missiles knows they don't use ammonium nitrate.. And you'd be able to test for missile propellants and explosive compounds in the aftermath – this explosion is proof that at the very least, Israel was lying about what was being stored at that site.

  6. After reading up on who was behind the russian "revolution" i´m not shocked anymore on what these talmudists, kabbalists, frankists, internationalists and z-ists can do.
    There is only one instance in the bible where someone is called "the synagoge of satan", which should have some weight people.
    That being said, there are good people in "Israel", but they are not the majority. The majority are atheists which follows customs.
    The elite are the problem, the ones who follow and inforces talmud and kaballa doctrines.
    There is no way to sugarcoat it. There is a reason they got thrown out from so many countries during the ages, even tough innocents were thrown out also.

  7. Did ben just oust himself? there's already people speculating it was a missile that hit beirut and now ben goes in front of the whole world and connects the word "missile" with this specific event?!!?! the leaders of !$rael are shady and the more they talk the more they give themselves away. super suspect

  8. The Project show is 100% rubbish. It used to be really funny when it first started…years back. When I stopped watching tv 4 yrs ago, it was full of far left presenters. Waleed is the worst of them all.

  9. DUDE! STOP using all the CIA mind control subliminal images overlapping every scene in Every video! I swear you make videos just to do that as opposed to trying to get truth out. Because all you do is overstate the obvious why you speak in your monotone voice play your weird music in the background and use witchcraft when people by flashing all those weird subliminal images in the background the most recent one in this one looks like serpent skin. I've been calling you out on this stuff for years as being controlled opposition. There was no reason for you to do that in this video especially it actually made the video worse and difficult to see. You could have just got your point across verbally and show the video to prove it without doing all that sneaky evil stuff. I hope other viewers pick up on what you've been doing


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