In this video blog Amy shares a prophetic dream in which she was shown a progression from the Lord’s shepherd’s rod to His scepter to a pillar. These incredible emblems were fully light and emphasized the season we are now entering.



  1. thank you so much for sharing this as it has confirmed everything that has been happening from 1994 when God gave me a sceptre and how my daughter who is into new age big time and we tried to help her but light cannot live with darkness and she has totally turned against me now, " Daughter against Mother" so very true, and I chose Jesus Christ

  2. Jesus is bringing the righteousness in place in the world and is the Real King of the world with a real crown .Today also I saw him with the crown , while we were worshipping at home. He is coming soon. Be prepared for ur King ,Beloved of the Lord and set things in order.

  3. Listening a Third time…the Lord continues to speak to me in this and still… mysteriously showing me that it's connected to Malachi. Please share more Amy ,if you would as you get it. Thank you

  4. I was meditating on this very thing today. The 2-edged sword is the Word and the Spirit that will divide soul and spirit so we know what to repent of. The sword is truth that will go into our very DNA and expose every hidden thing. All the iniquity and every stronghold. It is the tares that have been hidden in us which are the lies of the enemy. He is cleansing our vessels to become new wineskins for His glory. Those who have laid down everything are the overcomes who will become pillars in His temple. They will never go in and out but remain in His temple always.

  5. Humility
    GOD is love,and humily is living a love centred life not a self centred is loving others as yourself and wanting the best for yourself and others all the time.Blessed are the meek they shall inherit the earth,so not everyone will rule and reign with CHRIST,and GOD resists the proud any proud heart will face the resistance of GOD ,therefore it is wise to focus on uplifting others in every area where there is need.Everyone has something to give to someone,we are stewards of all that GOD gives, therefore we must thank HIM and share so that it multiplies unlike the dead sea that hoaded water restricting its flow until it was good for nothing,let it flow ,it comes back abundantly like the loaves and fish story.GOD is our provision( HE provides everything for HIS vision for our lives).Lucifer was entrusted with beuty and music unlike nobody else,instead of glorifying the giver he focused on the gift and pioneered pride( self centerd) which always comes before a fall because its associated with hight.He was lucifer for a very very long time until he was seperated from GOD and became satan.In the garden we see him as a snake after deceiving Eve he has his little hight( feet) taken off to teach us humulity,he crawls on his belly and eats dust instead of repenting he is looking to strike someone who has feet on the heel.Seperation from GOD is darkness because GOD is light and its progressive ,there is darkness ,deep darkness, gross darkness and outer darkness just as we get brighter as we draw closer to GOD.In revelation we see satan has morphed into a dragon but he never flies and is ultimately cast into the lake of fire.A snake and dragon do not benefit anyone but have destruction at heart.Many people have walked the earth and done mighty things but the one who is an all time celebrity is one who showed unconditional love the most ,JESUS CHRIST who conquored the world.A love centerd life changes everything and is almighty even over death.Love is a heart condition or,motive ,you can give and share out of pride or give all to the poor with a wrong motive it counts for nothing.GOD loves a cheerful g iver.Greed has overcome the world thats why we are so self centerd and it all feeds the ego.Gambling is a counterfeit multiplication of wealth giving with wrong motive ,the real multiplication comes from righteous living with thanksgiving to GOD.Have faith in GOD your creator ,trust him to provide for you because HE made you afterall,quit trusting self and give your load to CHRIST JESUS ,GOD is Love.


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