Zakir Naik has been training his followers to say to Christians, “Show me one unequivocal statement where Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) says, ‘I am God,’ or ‘Worship me.’” Since the demand is now for an unequivocal verse, I have a question for Muslims. If any Muslim can answer the question from the Quran, I will convert to Islam.


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  1. David, I answer your question. The answer is no one gives a F. U. C. K if you convert to Islam or not. You clearly over-value yourself. Drop your EGO then you will find the answer yourself.

  2. Any community that turns its back upon the Book of God and the guidance of His Prophets, that willingly follows rulers and leaders who are heedless of God and His Prophets, and that obeys its religious
    and political authorities blindly without seeking authority for their actions either in the Book of God or in the practice of the Prophets, will inevitably fall into the same evil and corruption as the Bani Israel!
    Sayid Abul'ala Mawdudi Rehmatullah
    (scientist of Islamic Revivalism)
    V-59 Surah:Nisa

  3. Because the the original Gospel (old testament) doesn't claim that Jesus is God morons like you changed it to the new testament and added whatever suits them . I wonder when the new update of the Gospel is comming since its like a android mobile changing every few decades . And btw the Quran doesn't need to say that the Gospel is corupted even though it says so ,but people are not stupid like you its obvious since you have the new testament and the old testament or you can say the original and the fake one .

  4. If a God comes here to experience something. Then this God is not worth worshiping, as this God doesn’t know what’s going on.

    Experience is only meant for humans. Not a God

    The religion only goal, is to warn humans about which kind of acts they should watch out from, that will lead them to be like animals, no difference. If a human doesn’t use conciseness to continue living on this earth without acting like animals killing each other on a toothpick, then what’s the point of God existence. Death is the only truth we know exists. And we will, fk, eat, sleep, and kill like what animals do. The powerful is the long survivor. Nothing special about it. As longevity disappears in front of death.

    Ask yourself, why God felt the need to be here on earth ?

    What about other planets?
    Is God going to be around certain people only who will see it and get executed ?
    What about other humans on different locations? Do they not deserve to see him to believe also ?
    Why he didn’t correct his weakness and come again to make things right ? As for a simple human mind , God acting this way is really not wise and picky for a God that do anything.

    Too many flaws in the Bible story. Which is a man made for sure. No God will do this weak act of being here.

    One more thing, God world is eternal and only contains one form. Not dual like our world. So, if God try to come here. He must change himself to fit this world rules. Which’s God will never be fare at all because of human ego that exists with the body and within duality of two opposite sides. The Ego is what prevents you all of seeing the true God. And it’s what makes you think you’re right and others are wrong. You can’t escape the Ego, and you will never be fare with it existing.

    How the hell a God will escape his human form ego, that’s getting hurt if someone only spits on you ?

    Why God confused humans to be created in a womb, while God wants to make them better. God could just created a grown up body and emerged in it. If you say no, God must go through certain phases like humans. Then, he can’t escape the truth of human ego that he exists within his body and this is enough fact that he’s not a God anymore. He’s just a human that can’t make the right decision in anger.

    Hope you will think outside your ego in this.

  5. In essence all religion is a road to god and being the best person you can be. Islam and Christianity are very similar in some ways, and to tear down one in support of the other in term tears down the other one as well. I’m a proud catholic, but I don’t think Islam is bad. Focus on the message of God bro, be the best and most loving person you can be. And remember that both Christianity and Islam spread of Judaism. Be it different names both my God and Allah are the god of Abraham and the God of Isaac. And that same loving God would not condemn a righteous man for not following every teaching. But hey, “he who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone” John 8:7

  6. david, please, youre so stupid that you encourage me more to be part of islam, i am never leaving now because if i do i might end up like someone like this😭

  7. I promise you I will be able to answer the question. Okay, I'm hitting play. Waiting to hear what it is.

    Not surprisingly, I'm 1:30 into the video and still haven't heard the question. Still waiting. Hitting play again

    Okay, at 2:30 there is finally a question. Is that it? I'm not sure because you immediately start answering your own question. Do I really have to keep watching? Hitting play again.

    Okay, I don't even get what you're getting at. You said you had a question for muslims. Now you're listing a long litany of questions that you immediately answer yourself. Your thinking is apparently too muddled. Please respond to this message with the question you want to ask, and I will answer it.

  8. Christianity is an offspring of Judaism and islam is an offspring of Christianity. Christians and Jews get along just fine, but muslims are just pure hate.

  9. You don't have any knowledge. You are clueless. Jesus is not your God. He is our prophet. Jesus will come in the end times and lead Muslims and they will turn the so called Christian away. You have lost the holy book that was sent to you by Allah. Your Bishop and pastors made it impure. You are among the ones who have gone astray.. Go eat sleep and enjoy. I don't see you with any compfort with such attitude after you have gone. If you want answers why don't you confront Zakir Naik. you cant because you don't know your own made thing. You don't have guts to have a debate. Don't put pressure on your brain please. Eat sleep and just end your days on earth.


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