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  1. Bill took 9 rounds from the apache county sheriffs and they left him on the front lawn all night long into the next afternoon. He was also called the most dangerous man in the country by President Bill Clinton. Thank god I'm a reformed A J listener dating back to 2000. 12 mins in is Doyel Shamley, Bill personal assistant and the one who carried on the radio show after Bill's death.

  2. Iโ€™ve already made my decision. Iโ€™m with Bill Cooper. God led me to him and to read BEHOLD A PALE HORSE after I prayed for discernment and the truth in all things. I credit him for my enlightenment.

  3. I've been watching William Cooper since about 2015.I've been asking everybody if they know him only one person in my life has heard of him. That's it pretty sad. Please keep doing what you're doing Richie get a podcast to. It doesn't drain your phone battery like YouTube does. Love you all stay safe

  4. I knew Bill, I wrote a couple of articles for his paper the analysts, all of us part of that AZ militia, we're decimated by freak accidents, and gang stalking. He had an under ground radio show. I will die proudly, for the truth he spoke.

  5. Bill cooper was a Freemason too.
    Thereโ€™s no such thing as TRUTH community
    Deception is our matrix
    No one is FREE in this world.
    Jewtube is nothing more than A.I simulation

  6. Alex Jones always has been a joke. Besides shilling for the Zionists he always behaves like a clown so nobody takes not only him seriously but sadly also the things he says that happen to be true.

  7. That was a premeditated murder of Bill Milton Cooper period. He sacrificed his life to try to warn people as far as he could. He even said after a radio show talking about 9/11 , that they were going to come and kill him on his steps of his house. I tried to find that clip on YouTube again to record it and I assume YouTube deleted it just like a lot of videos I save. Bill Cooper was and always will be remembered. He was definitely a True Patriot. If I could , I would have thousands of copies of his book "Behold A Pale Horse , and get all of them out across the country , especially to the younger generation. They need to know what is going on in this country. Or whomever is reading this , write down information on a dollar bill or anything you can so people all over the country can see and research for themselves. HourOfTheTime.Com and the book ; Behold A Pale Horse , by William Milton Cooper.

  8. Bill is the one who opened my eyes not loud mouth..He called out Alex Jones for dissing him and claiming that he was the one who was the one that predicted 9/11..there was a radio interview where he had Alex on, and he put Alex in the hot seat..I think it is still on youtube…we miss you Bill be at peace..

  9. CIA started to harass me and send black helicopters made me mad! Now cuz of CIA the department of sloppy soldiers of my country files lawsuit against me! I really wish all CIA members cursed! Karma! Gonna get them 100% sure!

  10. Yes bill cooper was a hero! He died for his convictions! I couldnโ€™t agree more with your opinion on Bill Cooper. Have you read the gay frog experiment, I did and I can see men in my life that have been exposed to chemicals that I believe these manly men have slowly transforming into highly metro sexuality until I found gay porn on a tablet of mine I let others use. So I can only tell you by my experience I see the gay frog experiment coming true.

  11. Richie, Your 100% correct William Cooper was murdered for telling the truth. I remember listening to him in SHU Walpole or wally world. back in the early 90's and have been awake ever since. I do remember his interview w/Jones after he said do not trust this man he's only telling you small pieces and Bill researched who was paying him and followed it back to Zionist. Fact


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