Ray Kurzweil – The Age of Spiritual Machines – The Future of The 21st Century (1999) – https://youtu.be/-inK0esaIgk

Brain-Computer Interface: A Day in the Mind – https://youtu.be/XHHC7FJN8XQ

Integrated AI – Neuralink concept demo video – Brain-machine interface/BMI design, Ray Kurzweil, AI – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il37TVJkf40

Leta, GPT-3 AI – Episode 61 (Dickens, AGI, singularity) – Conversations and talking with GPT3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XgYznavK_E



Google engineer says chatbot AI become sentient being – https://youtu.be/XKe1qrQ5NtA

Intro/Outro track: Ehgo – “For the Wounds” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORd9rGUqOVc

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  1. Will. I have to tell you what the “sky on fire” – spoke to me “spiritually”.
    In a nutshell –
    The fact that our entire atmosphere is saturated with particulates from the stratosphere to ground level (chem trails for 40-50 years now) –
    Add to the mix: high frequency, high energy RF (microwave) –
    A mix of particulates that has a makeup that is attenuated to specific frequencies – (and it’s attenuation or ability to carry the signal can be modified electro-magnetically )

    Add to that AI – our skies are very literally on fire with demonic AI – seriously.
    They have basically turned our skies into a cauldron of a witches brew – and are casting demonic spirit curses out of and through – our skies.

  2. Will thanks for posting this. I couldnt finish it yet I had to stop and pray, it made me sick to the stomach. But we need to understand the tools and tactics and plans the enemy is employing. Praise God, and I pray Yeshua comes quickly. Seriously

  3. Pls don't conform to gender identitics 🙏🙏 don't let your communication be controlled by this brain virus sweeping the globe. Stay strong and thanks for all the content

  4. Wow. You made one point that I will be using in my life. I will always be asking "Is it ___ or spiritual?" Is it politics or is it spiritual? Is it really necessary news or is it spiritual? etc. I am guilty of forgetting to look at the world around me through a spiritual lens. Everything is part of this game – either for good or for bad.

    Thanks for this one. You have given me so much to think about.

  5. I find it very interesting that Kurzweil speaks of Moore's Law finding a near fulfillment by 2019; given that his talk on CSPAN-2 was presented several decades ago. Imagine for a moment his audience [other than elite insiders] trying to wrap their minds around events he spoke of occurring in the somewhat distant future; almost unimaginable, and yet, here we are! In my humble opinion, the thought of what is presented to the general public is miniscule compared to what has actually been achieved. Some have postulated that technology is actually 50 years ahead of what is presented to us. Perhaps a conservative estimate but it does give pause. The "anti-christ beast system" is already in place and is finding its fulfillment at a rate that would stagger the unsuspecting mind if it were fully revealed. But it is being revealed; most are asleep to its nefarious outworking's, but not to those filled with God The Holy Spirit. The Restrainer is the last bastion holding back the dark kingdoms' full manifestation. He has been doing so for the last 2000 years. I take great comfort in this because it means our soon going home is imminent. Thank you "the Truth is stranger than fiction…" for another enlightening presentation.

  6. Computers only spit out the crap we put into it and all of it dies if we cut the electric. Sophia is nothing more than a remote puppet, it's almost embarrassing for the people getting sucked in, treating that hunk of junk like some god, when the guys are just in the other room typing like a chatroom totally trolling the guy staring into her eyes about brought to tears… But I was too, but for other reasons… Like how gullible he was, how sad for humanity and in the other end of the spectrum crying from laughing at the fool!

  7. The Bible, I think in Job.. God explains the difference between us and animals when he said consider the goose who will defend her eggs from a predator… Yet later crush her egg under her own feet while moving about without a care… She has not understanding… This is my recalling this… I don't have chapter and verse memorized but basically animals do not have understanding like we do… Search the scriptures to read this for yourself.

    God bless and keep you brethren 🙏😔🕯️📖✝️❣️🦁🕊️🦅

  8. I remember discovering Ray Kurzweil back when I was a kid and being so fascinated by his predictions (and even welcoming them).

    I couldn’t believe how original, fresh, and extravagant his theories on the future were and how I couldn’t wait to see the day the singularity came. Of course, this was all before I found God and knew about eschatological worldviews and how people like Kurzweil were basically shaping them.

    Kurzweil’s ideas aren’t new though, he simply built his ideas off of old ones. Particularly Ithiel de Sola Pool’s worldviews and predictions of the future.

    The most interesting thing about both of these guys is who they are. They’re jewish zionists/mystics. De Sola Pool’s lineage is even more interesting. His father was the spiritual leader of the oldest jewish congregation in the US. Which has coincidently founded major Jewish institutions in the world. His mother was the daughter of Chaim Hirschensohn, a Jewish rabbi who promoted reformed Judaism and Zionism.

    Our technology is being shaped and created by their ideas and our understanding of the universe – nature, physics, science, and etc. is shaped by them as well. All of this knowledge was actually inspired by the Kabbalah, including this view of a spinning ball in an infinite universe. There’s even a video of Michio Kaku praising Kabbalah (jewish mysticism/Zohar teachings) for inspiring how current understanding of “reality.”

    The rabbit-hole is very deep, but it always starts with jewish nationalism. Israel for example is one of the leaders in cyber technology, primarily cybersecurity. Of course all of this would be dismissed as “antisemitism,” even by Christians who bow down to these “Chosen” people, but the TRUTH has been staring all us in the face for years. Most of us have just been distracted because these so-called “Chosen” people also control information, whether it’s the media and/or education system.

  9. Wow oh wow – so sad 😔God bless and protect you and us all in Christ in Jesus' mighty name🙏🙌

    Wait a minute wasn't Lambda one of the viruses. Oh and for these monsters to continue doing this to people, they will need to keep the gene therapy going which means more fetal cells and God knows what else they will need –

  10. The other place the lake of fire is where the souls of those not accepting Jesus as Lord and savior are DESTROYED. Although the SMOKE of their torment rises forever, nowhere does the Bible say that suffering is eternal. Jesus offered ETERNAL LIFE for following Him. The Bible also clearly states that the wages of sin is DEATH, soul death, the second death, which is the Lake of Fire.
    There is no Hebrew word for hell.


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