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A warning dream? prophetic dream China & Iran plot |worldwide communication confusion|



  1. This is consistent with the confusion of the election. It could be that the confusion is "hitting close to home" as the idiom goes, since it was next to your house. Still under construction could be that the plan is not done yet. They don't want to be found out.

  2. May God save the world from whatever hidden agenda from whatever country. And as for the person you were praying for at the initial stage, may the Lord heal him/her. More Revelations in Jesus name

  3. It's really "fun" with God-incidences, like the car label being Genesis 😊 This was interesting, we just gotta pray 🙏

    Something I find interesting about the tower of Babel though, is that it was pitch black. And same with Noah's ark. There's an interesting connection between pitch black and judgment…

  4. whoa, this is crazy. I believe God may be saying something through you with your dream. The world is already super confusing, I don't think we need any more confusion this year 😅 We're going to have to pray even harder about this, as EfaKitu said, for God's protection and Grace. Thank you for sharing, hope that God doesn't allow China and Iraq's plans

  5. This was a powerful dream, thank God who reveals deep secrets to us and for giving you understanding too. We pray His protection and grace in these times in Jesus name and that only His will, will be done on earth in Jesus name. Thanks for sharing this powerful revelation with us.


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