From the outside, their 10-year marriage seemed perfect. But the lack of physical intimacy left her feeling rejected, alone and struggling for answers.
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A Woman Tells Her Story: ‘I’m In A Sexless Marriage.’ | TODAY



  1. It's all about power … women believe THEY have the right to reject their husbands at any time for any reason or for no reason at all; at the same time THEY feel their husbands should always submit to their needs. It's just the way women have become over the last 50 years. A large part of what's driving MGTOW. Ladies, your narcissism has brought you to this point, now you can deal with it.

  2. My wife and I have been this way for years, I know we would have split up already if we didn't have four kids. Three of them still live with us and are not ready to get out on their own yet but we all live in separate rooms. It's an awful way to be that way with your spouse but both have to want to work on a marriage for it to be successful.

  3. I'm in the process of cutting off my resources to her and other husband duties, like fixing her car, cleaning the drain because of her hair…I'm fantasizing of being single and have looked at houses to rent. After 23 years, I can take care of myself and save money, and not worry about child support or alimony.

    Have tried being the best version of myself around her…funny, attentive, conversation…nothing. distant and cold. It's just crushing. I love her, but I believe I would become much more efficient surviving without her consuming my resources…let her be happy alone..since I'm so terrible.

  4. to be fair she could of prevented all of this by leaving the man but she stuck around because this man has ambition despite probably not being sexually attracted to her.

  5. Have a GF of 2 years, about to purpose, and she decides to be celibate until we are married. This pushed me away! Be intimate with your partners or don't be in a relationship!

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  7. This is exactly what happens to me except it's my gf of 10yrs and am definitely not getting married. To all this is happening to, your not alone and keep your heads up. I know how hard this can be.

  8. OMG Blackberry!? I'm in this situation. I have MS and you would think the problem would be me. It's my wife. She only sees a sick man when she looks at me. She doesn't see a man that she desires. I've been in the weight room for the last 1 1/2 years trying to build back muscle. Others have said they see improvement but she doesn't. It frustrates me and sometimes, I wish I could leave but I can't be without my two little girls. My real father wasn't in my life and I don't want to do that to them.

  9. Today Show is a feminist controlled liberal media outlet feed to anything that will appeal to its 95% FEMALE viewers.. OLD women are in sexless marriages mostly because their looks fade and they get bitter with menopause. When you go to women under 40, its them rejecting the husbands. Today show is feminist propaganda…

  10. This seems to be my Marriage……my story……..I can't leave because of my daughter….this relationship haunts me day and night….feel like I m in trauma….don't know what to do next…….I avoid talking to others…….he portrays we are the perfect couple…..but I know the reality……I am in thirties but feel like in fiftees

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