“A Zetetic Manifesto”

What is this madness…

This surge of furious and indignant investigation,

Why are so many increasingly daring to question that which is supposed to be unquestionable…

To challenge the core consensus of that which our modern, advanced society claims to know.

Are they simply going slowly insane?

Or maybe just fools?

Are they the tragic victims of a sadly innadequate education?

Or, is it maybe, something else…

Have they instead perhaps stumbled upon a most unexpected, yet liberating, realization, the realization that our most fundamental of human faculties, have in fact not been rendered obsolete, by this cumulation of so-called “higher knowledge”,

and the staggeringly simple conclusion, that our own senses and observations, can indeed be trusted.

For it is truly this question of trust itself which propels so much of this controversy, so much of this zetetic madness,

because we live in a day and age whereby we are taught from birth to put our blind faith in the sum total of humanity’s accomplishments, and to trust whole-heartedly in the assumption, that collectively mankind’s inevitable progression is always in the direction of truth and understanding…

Yet in this period of history, exists a growing minority of those of us who have been forced to concede that this is certainly not always the case,

to wake up and recognize that this idolatry of our own selves is in fact very fertile soil, for mixing science with fallacy, and confusing knowledge with presumption…

And so, this rediscovered Zetetic ethic, this ethos, is simply about refusing to live life whereby certain things are deemed exempt from continued examination, from questioning. It is the rejection of this unspoken cultural code which implies that the pursuits of scientific observation and experimentation are no longer the purview of the ordinary individual, and that all relevant scientific inquiry has now been relegated to the realms of government institutions , peer-reviewed academia and corporate interests.

We must insist on never overlooking the inherent danger of making the misguided assumption, that none of these public or private establishments could ever be abused, whether by simple error, or malicious intention, and so we seize back for ourselves, this simple right to question, to test, to inquire, to verify.

What’s more, we insist on never again surrendering the value and validity of our own personal obversations, direct experiences, and our inherent cognitive abilities, and degrading them once more to being sources of insight that are considered inferior to the theoretical speculations and mathematical abstractions being pushed from every angle by this monolithic system.

We believe that the simple freedom to question and test everything is the most effective antidote against the ceaseless agenda of indoctrination.

And this, I believe, is what lies at the heart of this Zetetic philosophy. It is something which touches so much more than just the matter of the shape of the Earth, the nature of the Cosmos, or all questions of a scientific nature. It encompasses, practically, everything, which holds meaning and importance in the course of human experience.

We are by nature, questioners. And when this freedom to question is removed, whether by overt action, or more often by sway of social conformity, this is what paves the way for true science to degrade into Scientism, for authentic democracy to erode into mob rule.

We question, because we recognize that at the end of the day, we really have nothing of consequence to lose by doing so, but on the other hand, we have potentially an unimaginable amount to lose, if we do not…



  1. Excellent, outstanding and just freaking Awesome!! I really love this channel! Man, how many of these super duper vids do you have?! I mean, I love them all, but I have a handful that are near and dear to my heart ..(the book of Job one, the hidden church one, the Dr.hovind one, ..well, I guess there's more than a handful …too many to write!) Anyway, fabulous work! And your voice is very therapeutic! Do you sing? I know you're a percussionist, right? Speaking of which, I was stalking your channel earlier (I do that sometimes when I am bored) and I have discovered music that you can feel. I only heard a few songs…but wow! The guy who plays 50 million instruments is awesome! He's some Scandinavian named man and he does some Radiohead song….really beautiful. So yeah….I totally love your channel! Take care and God Bless!

  2. Go on, don't believe in anything that others say, stay in your hole and tell us you can not see anything; just a snow dome. That is a mental disorder called Sophism.

  3. Yeah, what everybody else said. Epic, profound, beautiful. I loved it. So brutally logical and yet balanced with an intuitive humility. – Thank you for sharing those thoughts, yet again in life i find reassurance i am not going crazy, and i am not alone.

    Peace <3

  4. Wonderfully said,ive found the religous Christians that i have met personally much more challenged by F.E (especially those who claim to hear His voice)than everyday people who are seeking understanding outside of the church.I guess they figure He would have told them already.Thanks very much for the great videos and insights.peace.

  5. Most Christians pushing the latest flat earth movement against heliocentricism are probably unaware that the discovery of the elliptical orbit of the planets around the sun was first discovered and documented through the scientific research of mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler, a committed man of faith in Jesus Christ. Heliocentric teaching was not the product spawned out of satanic conspiracies but through the efforts of a humble man led by and devoted to God. His works are amazing and inspiring to read, full of proven and documented data, not just "theory" in which his discoveries led him to the highest praise and glory to God. From a christian perspective, heliocentricism harmonizes with the spiritual worship of the Sun of Righteousness, who arises with healing in His wings, which is in truth, Christ centered, not earthly and man centered. Selah.

    Man of Science, Man of God: Johann Kepler

    Christine Dao *

    Evidence for Creation › Evidence for Truth › Natural Laws

    Who: Johann (or Johannes) Kepler

    What: Father of Physical Astronomy

    When: December 27, 1571 – November 15, 1630

    Where: Born in Weil der Stadt, Württemburg, Holy Roman Empire, of German nationality

    Johann Kepler developed a love for astronomy at an early age. He
    observed the Great Comet of 1577 when he was six and the 1580 Lunar
    Eclipse, events that no doubt fueled his curiosity and enthusiasm for
    science. Although he originally wanted to be a minister and studied
    theology at the University of Tübingen, Kepler accepted a position in
    1594 as a mathematics and astronomy teacher at a Protestant school in
    Graz, Austria. He later became an assistant to Tycho Brahe, the court
    mathematician to Emperor Rudolf II. Upon Tycho's death, Kepler inherited
    his position, as well as his extensive archive of planetary

    Kepler is best known for discovering the three mathematical laws of
    planetary motion ("Kepler's Laws") that established the discipline of
    celestial mechanics. He also discovered the elliptical patterns in which
    the planets travel around the sun. At a time when the sun and other
    celestial bodies were still widely believed to circle the earth
    (geocentrism), Kepler defended Nicolaus Copernicus' theory that planets
    orbit the sun (heliocentrism) and sought to reconcile it with Scripture.1
    He revolutionized scientific thought by applying physics (then
    considered a branch of natural philosophy) to astronomy (seen as a
    branch of mathematics).

    An "unorthodox" Lutheran, Kepler had a deep love for Christ and the
    inspiration and authority of Scripture. He is frequently quoted as
    saying, "O God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee." Strong
    theological convictions prompted him to find a connection between the
    physical and the spiritual, and his scientific discoveries led him to
    believe he had uncovered God's geometrical plan for the universe. In
    Kepler's view, the universe itself was an image of God, with the sun
    corresponding to the Father, the stellar sphere to the Son, and the
    intervening space to the Holy Spirit.

    Life, however, held many trials for Kepler. His Protestant beliefs won
    him little favor with the Catholic church, and the Lutheran church
    shunned him for his sympathies with Calvinist beliefs. He was forced to
    relocate more than once to avoid persecution, as well as to escape
    political dangers from ongoing wars. He suffered the deaths of his first
    wife and several young children. In addition, fellow scientists did not
    immediately accept his scientific discoveries. Galileo Galilei and the
    French mathematician and scientist René Descartes ignored his 1609 work Astronomia nova (A New Astronomy). Even his mentor Michael Maestlin objected to his introduction of physics into astronomy.

    Yet Kepler stayed true to his faith, as evident in his written works,
    and his scientific discoveries would eventually win him acclaim,
    legitimize the discoveries of his contemporary Galileo, and serve as a
    major influence on the scientists who came after him. His famous work Harmonies of the World (in Latin, Harmonices Mundi) begins:

    I commence a sacred discourse, a most true hymn to God the Founder, and
    I judge it to be piety, not to sacrifice many hecatombs of bulls to Him
    and to burn incense of innumerable perfumes and cassia, but first to
    learn myself, and afterwards to teach others too, how great He is in
    wisdom, how great in power, and of what sort in goodness.2

    At the end, Kepler concludes:

    Purposely I break off the dream and the very vast speculation, merely
    crying out with the royal Psalmist: Great is our Lord and great His
    virtue and of His wisdom there is no number: praise Him, ye heavens,
    praise Him, ye sun, moon, and planets, use every sense for perceiving,
    every tongue for declaring your Creator…to Him be praise, honour, and
    glory, world without end. Amen.3


    An extensive chapter in Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum (The Cosmographic Mystery,
    the first published defense of the Copernican system) is devoted to
    reconciling heliocentrism with biblical passages that seem to support
    Kepler, J. 1619. "Proem." Harmonies of the World.
    "Epilogue Concerning the Sun, By Way of Conjecture," ibid.

  6. I think man's evolution could take a different path to that past and gone, the future may not have been written thanks to the complexities of our modern society, it's how consciousness and humanity touch, is the big question,
    I think the most important is yet to come
    For over 18 months now I've not indicated I'm a flat-earther.

  7. Had to have a look at this one, and as someone who isn't a flat earth proponent, I must admit I was expecting a lot of the usual speculation and opinion couched as fact … but I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised.

    As Cathexis said in an earlier comment it is profoundly on point (a better term than I would have likely come up with), and although unlikely to sway my personal beliefs, it certainly takes some of the flat earth research and theory to the right side of the insanity line, and at least part way out of the conspiracy theory realms.

    As the quote so often incorrectly attributed to Voltaire says, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,’ (Beatrice Evelyn Hall)

  8. Thank You!

    Maybe evil is the big, grand psyop!

    With Appreciation for Us,

    Perhaps evil itself, is “The” big, grand psyop!

    What if, there are no demons per say?

    How about, it's more that some took a certain path and chose to sign
    the dotted line, the giving of their will, their heart and mind, to be
    enslaved (wittingly or not) in exchange for wealth, fame and false

    It's easy to fathom, considering that we generally en train away from
    Self Realization at the onset of a Precious Life.

    we act as the snake eating its own tail, we deceive and distract each
    other away from Our Hearts, we scare the ba-jesus right out of each
    other, out of Our minds too. Physically, mentally and emotionally – we
    hammer and mold each other into submission over and over and over again.

    Vicious cycle of the snake and tail (maybe that's the premise behind
    that symbolism)…the snake eats its own tail, just as all Creation
    begins in the dark, unseen and silent until you add light, to discover
    more dark beyond the light – cyclical in Nature and force.

    Perhaps, the 'royal bloodline is more about tricking and training their
    own offspring to give up their Individual Rites, Privilege and Honor of
    Being Human, and their innate ability to Reach for Heart and Mind in
    their daily matter.

    “they” train the family to do unto others and dumb down- yet another
    society’s people. Falsely take away Their individuality, their
    Spirit/Soul Connection. Teach them, spoon feed them, trick them, use
    them, abuse them, enslave them- until They can Wake Up and Realize just
    how absurd the very notion is!

    Only We can Choose.

    Only We can ever give away Our Individual Power.

    And in Duality, Only We can take back Our Lives and Personal emPowerment
    of Love too!

    sigel/sigil magic abounds in every outside influence of our physical
    reality, every nook and cranny outside Our very Own Heart and Mind’s
    filters and Abilities to Perceive.

    Are We once again not to Realize, We have a choice at every waking
    moment. We have always had the choice of
    “Our very next thought.”

    We have come a long way Baby, so it’s been said.

    Imagine as an Entire Race, how We could expand Our Physical World in the
    Knowing of, Feeling and actually Living in Our Truth and Being. Raising
    Our Young with Our balanced Heart, setting example of how to exercise
    and Create Autonomously with Their Own Mind.

    Did You ever consider, that as a Child, You at first, had to learn to
    be selfish, before You could learn to share…How can Any One of Us
    ever share something/anything, We did not Know was Our very Own to
    begin with?

    From bird’s eyes view, past civilizations somehow managed to either
    self-destruct or simply play out- even tho their abilities have always
    been so ingeniously creative and impressive of craft.

    We Always managed (again, so it seems we did this) to find remnants of
    Humanity’s progress within any given civilization before Us and each
    time, we eagerly set out to reverse engineer what We deemed “their
    reality”. We
    also hypothesize, utilize, categorize and, do not forget
    compartmentalize – every single material/morsel possible.

    For the Sake of Balance. For the Sake of Preservation, this time, the
    "noah's ark" is indeed, Our very Own, Personal Heart and Mind!

    It's All and Inside job this time around. The boat of noah fame, seems
    to be of Heart and brain prowess and technology. It’s an educational
    wave We All have permission to catch and ride. We get to build Our Own
    Boat (knowledge) and Learn to navigate these waters of Mind, Heart and
    Emotion or parish with the sheep.

    Notice how many run around saying that “ya gotta be saved or gods gonna
    get ya?”

    Real Eyes, do Realize, real lies.

    My eyes are open now (not nwo), my heart is filled with Love.

    I got “saved” last year, 3 times in the literal sense of the word and

    I am saved every time I leave My Eyes Open to meditate.

    I am Saved with each and every Joyful Acceptance of Deep Breath and
    each and every Look through My Eyes filled with Love Around Me I take
    and with My Conscious Acknowledgement of what an Honor it is to Be

    There were 3 separate occasions during My research to wake up, where by
    night fall- it was so overwhelming My discoveries, that it literally
    swept the rug of my Reality- out from beneath my feet. It was all about
    that rocky, craggy excuse of a foundation I had stood on and, it
    deeply concerned my entire perception of the world we live in.

    Sheesh! The head swims and “whiskey, tango, foxtrot avalanche of false
    reality” that had to shatter at my feet in order for me to begin to
    Truly Thrive.

    And magically, as I slept, I “peeled the layers of reality” in My Sleep
    (sleep backwards is peels!). On the next Day, I Always stood Stronger
    and more Sturdy on “My Very Own Foundation.”

    When One begins to Wake and begins the Journey of Truth about Our
    current reality and state of affairs – You literally “Save Your Self.”

    You Are "Saved" By The Love of Absolute and All.

    Only the gates and keys to Heaven are given and granted to You. You come
    to know Your Own Truth and Feel Your Self Standing Tall.

    You Claim Your Heart and Mind.

    You Build Your Own Boat and Ride with the Wind of Your Choosing.

    Creating and Co-Creating Light from no-thing at All!


  9. my statements are not ingenious as text lacks true expression. i am just overwhelmed with glee knowing and hearing comfort within this fact of TRUE unbias perception.
    not trying to be edgy and create views monetarily via cute keywords.
    to have stumbled upon ur channel

  10. This is aimed at those of you who are hanging on to the Azimuthal Equidistant Map. Consider this. The AE Map has the north pole in the centre and has the sun circling between the parameters of the tropics of cancer and capricorn. I decided to work out the distance of the smaller circle at cancer and the larger circle at capricorn. Here is the math. To calculate the circumference of a circling sun it is 2 pi times the radius.
    The radius will be the distance from the north pole to the tropics of cancer and capricorn. Starting with cancer we have a radius of 4,594 miles, when you multiply this by 2pi which is 6.2857 you get a circumference of 28,876 miles at the tropic of cancer (the distance the sun has to travel) and at the tropic of capricorn you have a radius of 7,618 miles which when multiplied by 2 pi comes to 47,884 miles. So in both cases the sun has to travel further than the actual distance across the earth which is 24,480 miles and at capricorn it is nearly double. This means the sun's speed around cancer will be 1,206 mph and around capricorn it will be 2,000 mph. As a point of interest the distance around the ficticious ice wall will be a radius of 12,440 miles (distance from north to south pole) times 2 pi which equals 78,194 miles.


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