Paul Barry, host of ABC’s Media Watch, criticized his own network for providing an “incomplete” and unbalanced coverage of the Save Alice Springs meeting in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

The meeting, which saw about 3,000 locals discuss their concerns about the youth crime wave, was described by the ABC as a “white supremacist fest.”

Mr. Barry accused the public broadcaster of “eroding years of goodwill and trust” it had built in the Northern Territory and stated that the report lacked balance and should “never have been put to air.”

He also criticized the network’s apology, saying it was not strong enough and the story was still up, unchanged.

During the meeting, Indigenous leaders were present, but the ABC was accused of bias after interviewing people who labeled the gathering as “racist.”

The network faced the threat of an official investigation over its coverage, which was aired on its flagship current affairs show, AM, and another TV report.

The ABC issued a statement apologizing to its audience, acknowledging that its coverage was “incomplete” and did not “adequately cover the full context of the meeting or the range of perspectives expressed.

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