They are in the process of turning American against American we are soon going to understand what it feels like to live on the Gaza strip Mark my words
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  1. It's interesting that today is March 25 and this video was posted on March 20 and I'm just receiving the notification right now, Sunday, March 25??
    Can someone please help me understand what is going on with YouTube?

  2. Jesus said that his true flowers would take no part of this world. I give thanks too the Christ that takes away the sins of the world. Power's that be will never win our storm is coming we better learn to dance in the rain instead waiting for the sun to dance in the rain.

  3. 3rd watch.Why ? Because you Say alot to di-gest thought I'd fool ya.tho i wear a foolish grin…Rich fk em if they cant take a joke.And The B.about Nibiru and junk breaking off.wELL wouldnt they stop Installing 5g ?been to Lynn.i remember a peninsula and huge low rocks leading up to a deserted boys miiitary.thi ie 73 was just gorgeous yet haunting.well thanks foa all i learnt from a very smart man with a laptop.kat,ct oh ya what did i hear bout 3 bombs 7 killed.STAY AWAY FALSE SHIT.always kat 22nd?

  4. Repent of your sin's and turn from your evil way's. Be Baptized (Born Again) in the name of, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior My Holy Redeemer. There are sign's in the Heaven's and on the Earth. The Gospel of the Lord, has been Preached to ALL flesh. The Church is Destroyed. The END is near. I AM, He. I AM the Holy One of Israel, My Redeemer with Me. I AM the First and I AM the Last. I AM, the Lord God. AMEN.

  5. Thank you Richie for telling the truth about what these sociopaths in our government are doing, and also for keeping your vids clean because it helps when sharing them with others – especially Christians. GBY

  6. Excuse me but are you saying that people were not allowed to see their kids. And were told that they were dead and that was it they never saw the body again ?….!if that's the case how do we know all the kids that supposedly died didn't get taken by some freaking child abduction sex ring

  7. But what about the #qanon story that is being carried by Jerome Corsi talking about Guantanamo being filled with the deep state traitors. It seems legit and encouraging from my remote point of view… Do not you think so, Richard? Love you 😀🍄❤️

  8. I would like to say THANK YOU for controlling your language on your videos. I'm one of "those" Christians who does not want to hear it. Throwing the "F-bomb", or using other color metaphors doesn't make one sound tough. It makes them sound uneducated. People are better than that! Yet, they have been taught to use profanity as some kind of merit badge. Anyway, like you've said a million times…the chaos is ramping up, and there's no turning back.

  9. We have had I think 3 lock downs at different schools around out area since the walk out. Students threating different things. It's horrible. All you see in the local mom groups is patents keeping all their kids home all this week cause they hot everyone so scared around here.

  10. It’s so sad how so many lives it’s going to be lost this year I’m in New York it’s time for a blood offering and I hope I don’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time

  11. My brother was an e.o.d for the Army for 9 years, then spent another 6 as a private contractor for the d.o.d, still as an e.o.d (explosive expert) he said if you had been in the game a while and was active long enough… you get good at building bombs. Meaning you could build a hundred and not one of them would go astray. I think to assume one would have malfunction by now is dangerous thinking

  12. You need kids?. Then you'll see, it's a whole new fight. Easier said than done. 20-30 years ago you'd be right. I wish it was as easy as Bill Burr says it is. But today, these kids are getting programed 24/7. And it takes a lot of resources and time to fight against that programing, or what you might think would be an easy job.
    Raising kids the way they should be raised???? That would be a luxury .
    Maybe you have no kids because that's what was meant to be. Maybe You have a different purpose in life, and that purpose does not include children in your life. Maybe. But yeah I get it, I'd go get my kid if the situation got that bad.

  13. Thank you !!!Richie I’m one of those Christians an I appreciate the respect for others because I have changed stations before because it goes right thru me just the f bomb the most or gd

  14. No person as in no doctor, teacher, cop, school shooter, bomber or even aliens will EVER keep me from my daughter! It's nice to see someone so passionate about protecting children that doesn't even have them.

  15. Richie, do they follow what truths say? Are you really good at predicting? Or does reality manifest through the thoughts of man. Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merily merily merily merily, life is but a dream. Hollywood. What a witch makes a wand out of. If I put out apocalypse movies and get billions of people to watch them, is it possible the result is the manifestation of the apocalypse? Are we at this point in a phase lock loop where we notice a plot around us, theorize the conspiracy, to only manifest the plot more? Something to think about.


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