Plumb the full depths of your library with the most advanced searches. We’ll explore how to use the powerful morph and syntax search tools to execute highly specialized searches so that you can find exactly what you need, and let the text speak for itself.

We’ll also reveal an add-on product that adds tremendous value to your search results. Come ready with any questions you have about searching Logos, because we’ll answer them on air.



  1. Logos is great . The price though is high . I understand if you had to purchase each of the study guides, books ect it would still add up . **Yes and KJV translation has Ye, which is plural showing Jesus not speaking just to one person , but newer translations have “you “** Just one of dozens and dozens of errors in newer translations

  2. In my copy of Logos 5 (updated to current), the morph search @V prompt screen does not show the 3rd person imperative option — only 1st and 2nd. However, I can do the search using the syntax:@VPAM[3]


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