The agenda continues to move forward all timers autism and miss remembering are now common place in Americas vocabulary between spraying the skies vaccinations mind control and apparently messing with the space time continuum God has and Bella does in things are changing and most people don’t see a problem with it



  1. I think they call that gaslighting, lol. And yeah, there’s a “great awakening” alright, it’s called the Rapture and the Tribulation. But barely anyone is awake enough to notice.

  2. I've been to Henry Ford's car Museum at River Rouge plant outside of Detroit , Michigan and it is a Four seat limousine and it's a heavily armored vehicle . So , right how is that supposed to happen . Hilary Clinton made a comment about the firmament calling it the fishbowl we live in will soon be broken so we can get through , why to get into heaven?? Like tower of Babel I think they want to burn down Heaven !! Yes Ed McMahon did do Publishers Clearinghouse House , Keep on them brother and God bless you.

  3. I don't think it's possible for them to block us (or our prayers to God) from the Lord. Nope. I think geoengineering is hazardous to humans, and I think one reason (perhaps not THE reason, but one reason) for veiling the sun is so we get less vitamins from sunlight, thus affecting our immunity. Sick people equals depopulation, less fertility, who knows. It's falling onto our food in the fields and our water, affecting our fish and our deer, cattle, everything. Everything we eat and drink.

    The Ed MacMahon stuff: Yes, he absolutely was the person handing out the Publisher's Clearing House checks (IF anyone actually won those; I remember questioning whether the people who won were even real, and I was young at that time! lol I figured they could have been paid-off actors, which was what I also thought about the lottery). I vaguely think I also remember an American Publisher's circular, too…As in, I vaguely think it EXISTED..But don't remember Ed being on it. Also, what was ol' Ed's real purpose on the Carson show anyway? I remember telling my grandmother that he never really did anything but laugh at Johnny's jokes. What was his purpose? The audience could have laughed at Johnny just as well. I won't state here what my theory is for why Ed was on the show.

  4. just like you said in your last video Richie that I just watched all I got is a survivor water filter pump that's all I got a 12 gauge and a 380 pistol always have a couple hundred gallons of water on hand let the dog out he can drink that much in a couple weeks all we can do all we have against this is the full armor of God just like you said I went Wayward into the Anunnaki Sumerian Tablets started thinking like it says and I read a couple other books and tablets Lost Sea Scrolls and it says that we were made by the Gods and it had me confused for a long time finally I'm coming back to God the one and only that's what I felt in my heart my whole life Jesus died on that cross for all of us for me to I'm coming back to the Lord the king of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ the son of God son of man.👍🇱🇷🙄

  5. The veil is real and people can go through it too
    Look up the hidden hand of the second veil free mason
    If tech can do it so can people
    The secret is protected
    Yes they want to destroy communication with God but not prayer ..the cord …the spiritual cord that connects you to the source through the veil …when the chosen one comes he will reveal all things … we all have the potential to connect our consciousness to source
    But those ways are hidden because it’s also the way out
    Maybe I’ll make a video just not now

  6. I just watched the TV series unexplained and they had a story about the man with tank and they even showed video of his arrest and him being walked off!! Which didn't make any sense to me..


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