Controversial commentary show host Alex Jones has filed for bankruptcy weeks after a court ordered him to pay almost $1.5 billion in restitution to the families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Jones, who runs InfoWars, filed Chapter 11 documents with the Southern District of Texas months after Free Speech Systems shut down in the summer.

The New York Times reports that Jones claimed for years following the 2012 massacre, in which the shooter claimed the lives of 20 children and six others, was a false flag operation by the U.S. government intended to repeal the Second Amendment.

In November, Jones was ordered last month to pay $473 million on top of the $965 million he had already been ordered to pay to the families suing him.

Jones is estimated to own somewhere under $10 million in assets, but owes between $1 billion and $10 billion in liabilities, Axios reported.

The report of his bankruptcy comes a day after he hosted a now-viral interview with Kanye West, who shared his admiration and respect for Adolf Hitler and denied the Holocaust in another tirade against Jewish people. Jones, to his credit, pushed back on West’s claims and declared the Nazis “evil” in spite of West’s claim that they were wrongly maligned.

It is unlikely that the families of the Sandy Hook victims will see a cent from Alex Jones, with the bankruptcy declaration making it even more difficult for the host to make payments.

“Justice requires that he pay every penny,” said Christopher Mattei, a lawyer representing the families.

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