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Jack XY: “Hoover dam is gonna come down, Hell’s coming” – Alex Jones Infowars – https://youtu.be/DR9ymqWOH_w
When The Levee Breaks – Hoover Dam Predictive Programming! – https://youtu.be/sNH2o-hUqn0
QR Codes – Quantum Dots – RFID Tattoos & The Coming Mark – https://youtu.be/cayXwUICyqE
Colony – NWO Programming For EMP’s, Fake Alien Invasion, Martial Law & One World Religion Coming Soon! https://youtu.be/JYDC47BFNr8
We’ve All Been Hoodwinked & Bamboozled! – https://youtu.be/ONe1LyesrHI
5G & Nanodust = Mass Control of Humanity – https://youtu.be/WWZuVfvqF0c
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6 “In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;” Ephesians 1:7 God bless you and your families. Know Jesus! Repent of your sins. Let the Potter mold his clay into something wonderful.
Red Dragon British Royal Monarchy Examined – https://youtu.be/X23JML1jcts

Jared Kushner – Who Is The Man Advising The President? – https://youtu.be/cjRcix5Iuus

Is Barak Obama The Antichrist? A Must Watch Compilation Of Investigation! – https://youtu.be/FXbIlt7fa1w

Who Is Donald J. Trump? The Truth May Shock You! – https://youtu.be/LzNCZPzb8MI

Is Vladimir Putin Part Of The One World Government? – https://youtu.be/FEmQ1o_62eQ

Jared Kushner Peace Deal Maker In Chief – Who Is Kushner? – https://youtu.be/UnCIut5uVSs

Erdogan & The Return Of The Ottoman Empire – https://youtu.be/7-qp2bbG-5Y

Neom Saudi Arabia – NWO Mega City Babylon Rising – https://youtu.be/7tWJRQPgG7U

Emmanuel Macron Thinks He’s Jupiter! – https://youtu.be/bOUFcovwKu0

Oprah Winfrey Mocks God – Scoffers and Mockers In The Last Days! – https://youtu.be/FnOJNX0Jizs

Astana Kazakhstan – The New World Order Secret City – https://youtu.be/0Jr9JZsFcW8

Could China Be The New Super Power Of The NWO? – https://youtu.be/aUlcToUmIPE

Worship Of A.I. In The Holy Place Exposed! – https://youtu.be/_VhVLr2Dz9c

The A.I. Takeover Is Here! Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence? – https://youtu.be/X8ovlix5fNI

Open AI & The Blockchain Singularity – There’s A Digital Storm Coming! – https://youtu.be/HIQq7jD6DGk

Tracking You Through RFID, Biometrics, & Blockchain Technology – https://youtu.be/Tx8DXBBaWSA

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  1. Exposing Jones as Bill HIcks is just a side note and I can't say if they are the same person. Do your own research on it. However, they are all actwhores who would sell their own mothers for a buck. It's all scripted meant to divide and conquer the masses by having us fight each other. Left and right are two wings of the same luciferian phoenix. Time is short my friends. Stop trusting in these bozos. Yeshua Jesus Saves! Follow Him and Him Alone!

  2. Pssh joe rogan outed himself as a con & a shill. It’s so obnoxious & disappointing the level of misinformation these shills push & the POWER they have over the minds of those who lack critical thinking skills & the ability to think independently 😡

  3. While it appears as though the Alex Jones character was playing the part of Bill Hicks at some point, if you go back to the oldest footage of Bill Hicks, it is clear that it was HIM that was replaced with another version, which is where Alex came in and toned things down a bit. The "Alex" version of Bill Hicks does NOT look like the original, if you look closely. The original Hicks was also fearless with his rhetoric and didn't hold back at all from calling out the scum who run everything and their hidden agendas. He was so outspoken that he HAD to go and was replaced by the Alex version, who then was "killed" off, (after the original was longed killed off), to eventually become "Alex Jones". It was NOT Bill Hicks, (the original), becoming Alex Jones. It was this "Alex Jones" version who assumed the Bill Hicks role first to corral that whole loose end and afterwards transitioned into the Infowars character to then corral all of those who were astute enough to know that things are completely corrupted. THIS is the correct order of the Bill Hicks elimination effort, for what it's worth.

  4. i had to check in to see if my fave channel is still up… im glad we still have you despite the recent purge. i hope we can still find you on a different platform when the going gets tough… i've been a long time fan of your work and have shared your videos to my friends and family. we all hope to have you as long as we can. keep doing what youre doing brother! we greatly appreciate all your amazing work! God bless you always!

  5. The Hoover dam has so much symbolism and the dam representing the birth canal the fallen angel statues they have shown that dam in commercials and have done rituals on live tv and the movies if you look into it it seems like it was built to come down impending the future just like the towers

  6. In this day and age you don't become rich/famous until and unless you sell your soul to the devil, who is really in control of this World for now. So if the so-called "truth" is coming out of the mouth of a personality that has become almost main stream, then you can bet it's not the truth, although it may contain some truths but mainly lies to confuse your mind (MK Ultra technique). There's only one truth which the World will eventually and inevitably wake up to. And that truth is Jesus Christ, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. That's what the enemy (Lucifer/Satan – two sides of the same coin) doesn't want you to figure out. For you can bring down his entire deception and mental prison with a very simple yet an extremely powerful divine weapon provided to us by Our Father in Heaven and exercised through our free will (that's key). That weapon is prayer. So pray daily from your hearts and let Our Father deal with Lucifer/Satan and his minions, because we certainly cannot defeat him on our own. Love beats fear every time. If you have true love in you through The Holy Spirit, you're saved, if you have fear, there's a way out through prayer. God bless you all.

  7. The Joe Rogan / Edward Snowden episode was when I got full realization of the extent of the rabbit hole, and recently listened to Alex Jones Returns on Rogan ..and then reading the comments of the multitude of unsuspecting and naive fans. And Im thinking, its all about distraction from reality ..this is the matrix ..distraction from reality. Keeping the majority occupied with distortions. Solzhenitsyn said, 'question everything'; and how true is that, but children aren't taught this. Not taught how to think but what to think The Socratic Method is the antidote on the objective level and on the subjective level, if you could call it that; the sense and awareness and the nuance of the Holy Spirit to sense what is distraction. The majority have let sensitivity slip away and have no idea how to think; a bad combination.

  8. Alex Jones is the other face of the coin of the same system he pretend to go against. He have nothing to say about Trump new vaccine, knowing very well that no vaccine had cure anything. He is pushing for civil war so the UN takes over this country. He looks more poses by demons than having the love of Christ in him. Stop watching this man.


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