Canary Cry Radio interviews LA Marzulli!

~Who are the Nephilim?
~Are the Nephilim here now?
~Can the Nephilim be saved?
~What are UFOs?


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  1. Nephilim refers to the fallen angels themselves not the giants.  The word ענק in Hebrew means giants.  It is pronounced "anak."  The word נפל in Hebrew means "the fallen." it is pronounced "nephal."  Check out Steven Quayle, "Angel Wars."

  2. the sock puppets are awesome, and I love the creativity, but the problem is, it loses the message on a topic that is important information… now it becomes a satire.. maybe make a few videos like this, but not all… God Bless.

  3. The sock puppet thing is probably not a good idea. It makes it look like you are mocking or belittling the things being said. I think you are defeating your purpose. Just my opinion.


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