1. The shoggoths built the underwater cities of their masters. Over millions of years of existence, some shoggoths mutated and gained independent minds. Some time after this, they rebelled. Eventually, the Elder Things succeeded in quelling the insurrection, but thereafter watched them more carefully. By this point, exterminating them was not an option as the Elder Things were fully dependent on them for labor and could not replace them. It was during this time that, despite their masters' wishes, they demonstrated an ability to survive on land.

  2. And I also heard like you said their not little green men that they have the strength of 12 men and vicious .. Everything that we know about those demons is false because the government has been feeding us lies!

  3. Richie I know you know I've been subbed to you for over 6 months. Today I realized when I hadn't gotten a notification from your channel for a few days that these jerks unsubbed me!!!! 😡😡😡
    Stay strong brother!

  4. I know the word aliens is appearing more and more in the bible and i used thkjv online rchie and it said 3 times only but i read a few pages of the bible most nights and i can tell you its used more than 3 times all this was foretold and is leading to the anti-chris rising very soon,the ufos are all us and project bluebeam is getting a workout and your right isis finally done something good taking out tower of baal

  5. The only thing that makes any sense to me in all this is their deceit, because I can see it for what it is. When you understand the reasons for all lies truth becomes pure embrace…

  6. Richie I really like your videos, I have been trying to expose the Illuminati for around 30 years, so it is really nice to see someone with such a strong voice speaking out. I was wondering what your thoughts on Sept 23, 2017 and the fulfillment of the Revelation 12 sign in the heaven.

  7. You should just change your name to Christian channel.
    Aliens might be bunk, but it is a no contest with you religious nutters.
    Not sure how such gullible and dumb people, get up every morning.
    You guys should of been extinct by now.

  8. You got that exactly right. I went down the same path with ancient aliens. Now looking back, just hearing people say, I believe in aliens, sounds so stupid. Makes me laugh. I always say to them: have you ever met an alien, has anyone you know ever met an alien, well then there you go. Fantasy land.

  9. Richie, you have a lot of good information but on the alien issue, I couldn't disagree with you more. The Universe that our Creator made is teeming with life! There are countless worlds inhabited by beautiful, very human-looking beings and yes, they do pilot the wondrous space craft that many on earth are allowed to see! To think that this tiny little speck of a planet; earth, is the only world that exists is very closed-minded, esp. for someone who has so much truth like you! Otherworldly beings (as I prefer to call them), with knowledge so advanced could've easily wiped us out long ago if that was their intention. It's a no-brainer to me. I have commented on your vids several times on this matter, but so far, you haven't responded. Demons are of the fallen angel persuasion, not beings from other worlds. You need to regroup in this issue, so to speak. All said with Christian love and due respect.

  10. I do believe that the greys and reptilians are interdimensional demons, but we dont know what else is out there. the universe is a large place, so to say there is no such thing as aliens is very closed minded. the military definitely has black projects and nasa lies, but I dont think earth is alone in the galaxy

  11. +rfb – awesome work they are demons and they push it so we believe the project blue beam " the aliens are coming" just how they just made independence day 2 out I thought they might have tried blue beam on the holiday. since the didn't I think next date to watch is the eclipse days in August and the one in Sept since that's when money is suppose to run out

  12. Who shall stand against the lizard forbidden fruit seed of this earth . The 200 fallen ones ( LUCIFER ) . The beast system shall rise soon . Nuff Said Folks .   PS , THEY ARE interdimensional Rich , Not intergalactic , They ( The SERAPHIM ANAKIM ) . Are the Angels commin with your savior . Not the angels of dead men , As they will REST IN PEACE . Until its done . Not all of the Anakim Seraphim fell . They are hi holy ones in Heaven . GOOD and BAD ! Same are here , As above , So below . The forbidden seed ( FRUIT )  , The hybrid giants of today . In your face on MSN news today .

  13. You're right Richie, they are the Fallen Angels that God said would be known as Demons. Their underground in Antarctica. They are attempting to somehow prevent the second coming, but it won't happen. I pity the fools that are working with them, trying to  stop/change what has been written.

  14. Demons are Aliens, they use a telepathic cloak and quantum mechanics powered super positioning augmented reality "mis perception" cloak, they are what YOU percieve them as. All in all they hide their real appearance , agenda and identity. They don't all have this I noticed. they are pretty mean sometimes.

  15. Totally agree. This is one of the big Deceptions next to religion. The Word of Yaweh clearly states that Anti-Christ is in the Earth today and The Fallen Angels are with him. Dont believe the Alien concept for you will be expecting little grey freaks when in fact they are Demons in human form. Be Blessed!


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