Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Commercial 1979 with Neil Armstrong –

COP26: Opening Ceremony – World Leaders Summit –

Bezos at Our Future in Space, Ignatius Forum, Washington Cathedral, November 10, 2021 –

Carl Sagan On Climate Change And The Future (1986)

(I also “recycled” a few of my older videos in this one, in case anyone new is interested in going back and watching them in full…)

Space: The Virtual Frontier (Aronofsky, VR & Flat Earth…)

Field Trip! (Revisiting the “Science” Center from a FE Perspective…)

“Globes in my mind…” –


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  1. Moving people to "Space" will probably just be windowless capsules that land somewhere on the outer ice ring that they call Antarctica. Apparently there's a lot of beautiful land there.

  2. It appears they are putting on a play for themselves only to promote an idea. Like a pyramid scheme or a corporate meeting. Yet admitting they are going nowhere. It's not for them… is for their livestock.

  3. "Rivers in forests and Wildlife." There it is boys and girls the root of all evil. Not money but the Love of Money. That love could enable you to perpetrate a lie and just run with it like this it's so gross I can barely comprehend it. I mean I've had some good times in life boys and girls don't get me wrong stuff you wouldn't believe. But those are things that happened in truth. I couldn't imagine creating this false narrative this lie knowing better and just milking it for billions and billions of dollars. I guess that's Bezo's roll for being in the club. I hope it's worth his time in hell.

  4. transhuminist=1110 virtual reality=1110 D wave computer=1110 IBM Apple computer=1110 the revolving man=1110 bottomless pit=1110
    Metaverse=35 metaphysic=35 Facebook=35 Portal=35
    Freemasonry=58 becoming god's=58..,

  5. Subscribed. Caught this "accidentally" on my ways out to work and it made me late because I couldn't tear my eyes or ears away. The truth!!! Truth. Dude I'm very grateful and look forward to going through all your vids when I get back home thisarvo. Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿด๐Ÿ„

  6. Tyson says we have the same molecules as stars? How would he or anyone know that because man has never left our planet and never will. Praise to the Most High through Jesus the Christ.

  7. I am so happy to be awake. I used to be very uncomfortable and frightened with the truth that I have learned and that you Will have helped me to discover. I am no longer afraid of what is to come. Nothing can hurt me. This body that I occupy is temporary, just like it is for everyone who has ever lived and died in this fallen world. My soul will live eternally with our savior in Heaven, because I am born again and I know that Jesus is my salvation and He will not forsake me. Thank you my friend and brother in Christ for all that you have shared. Hallelujah!

  8. Love the pixies โ€œwhere is my mindโ€ in the beginningโ€ฆ. So fittingโ€ฆ.

    As always, keep it up โค๏ธ

    Rarely comment but been watching since FE content started half a decade ago.

  9. Oh man…. Thank you๐Ÿ’Ÿ

    They have tricked so many to think a human being born of and designed for planet Earth can live long term anywhere else is possible, which it's not nor will ever be.
    I was one that believed, but now I know going to Mars to take a selfie is down right dumb. Noone is going to live anywhere else without much assistance/support from Earth.
    We could make planet Earth so much better for everyone if we would just focus all our resources to our trie home.

  10. Kgb coined a term for people of grandiouso ideals, usefull idiots.. just like the commercial with the uk prince, who tells YOU, Your the problem destroying this planet, because your using excess and Must change, stop eating normal food to eat gmo fungus YOU!!! Irony here is this same group dumps metric tons of chemicals found in batteries over your head weekly

  11. I saw it uploaded yesterday and was excited to listen to it at work, but the next day came and it was gone! Regardless, I went over to Odysee and managed to listen to it either way. Thank you Will for your efforts. God bless, friend.

  12. You reuploaded this video. A lot went into this collect thoughts of a variety of directions in truth. Personally injecting an overall influence of all Truth both sides into these mini topics, opens our cognitive reasoning. God Is in control. At all times. Thanks


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