Piano Instrumental Music to help you Pray, Meditate & Relax
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  1. This is what I needed to hear today . I am currently feeling hopeless concerning me getting my own place but when I listen to this right now it feels good . I am sooo thankful and blessed for this channel.

  2. As i lay down to sleep Lord , I ask protection for my kids & family & friends .. the world is turning into darkness no more growth is happening!!! Lord protect us from any harm the enemy may have in our path !!! Bless our minds and heart to bless our faith with some strength!
    I leave this in the name of Jesus , Amen

  3. I just lost someone i loved with my life 💔…. To lupus . My heart is heavy and I mourn everyday , I cry so much my stomach hurts . Lord I pray that you bring me peace and comfort . That I somehow understand, because I am lost

  4. I have been taking sleeping medication for several years and God told me to stop along time ago I just wasn't listening. I have soon stopped and although it's a bit difficult learning how to relax my mind, I prayer and listen to your relaxing, spiritual mixture of goodness and I slowing fall asleep. Thank you for your dedication to your gift.

  5. I just wanted to share that as of late, I have struggled with heavy anxiety and fear. I wake up in the middle of the night with a deep sense of dread and such anxiety that I have a very difficult time sleeping. But GOD! I found your channel, now I read Psalm 27 before I head to bed, and turn on this video on all night. As long as this plays, I fall into a deep sleep and stay asleep. This reminds me of the story of Saul and David. Thank you for being God’s instrument. Peace be with you. ✝️❤️‍🩹

  6. I LOVE how while listening, My communion with GOD is so Sweet; I can be working and all of a sudden tears, or The Holy Spirit Speaks to me, and I just bask in the precious presence of my LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST. I am sooooo grateful for your beautiful musical gift that you so generously share with all of us. I Love you! May God continue to inspire you abundantly and magnificently, In Jesus Name!

  7. Here I am a 66 year old woman who lost my dad, my favorite baby brother and 45 days later my Only Best friend — MOTHER all in 1990. So just know that someone else (like myself) REALLY understands and since I'm a born EMPATH, I can even see and sort of feel your tears and clogged up nostrils as you have your crying moments. I'm way too familiar with having people around but No one's saying what you need to hear because they just don't know ANY THING that could possibly make the pain stop. Baby JUST go on at your own pace in this grief process and don't isolate too much now but remember there are Support Groups and Professional help for people like us . ❤️

  8. DappyTKeys, You always blow me out of the water with your amazing piano skills and heavenly memory for old time to contemporary gospel and worship music 🎶 🎵 🙌 . You get better all the time, but "You're The Best" – why deny THE TRUTH?

  9. Sunday, 9 January 2022 – When we are of God, we are alone with God. When I found this comforting scriptural contribution, I gave my mind of the Holy Spirit more peace of mind. Studied in scriptures, certain ones rise my spirit to know the Power of God and Jesus. We must know God. It is the only answer for our mind's life to live on, in a corrupt world. Sweet Love, Professor Victoria Bowen, Minister of God and Jesus Christ! With them there is a future and mental wellness that will be delivered from evilness.

  10. Love this!!! After learning how certain sleeping music you would think twice about listening to isn’t of God I found this . Since it has been peaceful nights sleep and as the versus play it feels like the Holy Spirt is with us as we sleep my 1 1/2 year old can sleep without it ! Thank you sir !! God bless you and great things for your in JESUS NAME !!


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