Amanda Grace and Timothy Dixon Sharing Prophetic Dreams✝️We are Facing the Red Sea

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  1. Thank u Amanda yr husband and Timothy for all yr truth and vidios shareing the word of God with everybody God bless u all and Amanda yr a real women of God taking care of all the animals also a big thank u to all u no I've had many dreams that have came true I keep a dream journal I've had over 20 and already 15 have come true I've had two dreams that God told me alot of people will be stopped and arrested my vengeance is coming trust me and keep the faith then I saw a big tree being shook hard with many leafs falling to the ground and they were fall leafs so I'm thinking it will be in the fall the other dream was bad alot of men in all black at shopping stores and pulling out all religious things pics any thing with God and faith on it and people were yelling stop it u can't do that they yelled at the people and said get in yr cars and leave they all had large wolf dogs said if we all didn't get in our cars they were turning all the large wolf's loose so sad and scary dream

  2. Man, I tear up when I hear that story when GOD asked Robin B. what is this petition?? When he said "I want my country back" I lose it. "Granted " – GOD !! Our GOD (throughout HIS word) has demonstrated this time and time again. He's awesome and a GOD of law and order. 🙏🏼😇


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