Amanda Grace & Glory Prophecy (June 5, 2022) ✝️ TRUMP Ends BIDEN’S Dream Of One World Government
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  1. The demidevils have the house and senate for now. But they know soon they will lose both and they are in a panic and like a wild animal backed into a corner. I would put nothin past them right now. But I agree Amanda that it's interesting that they control both now. They have alot to answer for. I heard today there were 30 black people that left Biden administration and more to follow soon. His administration is imploding as God said. Wow ! They are turning on each other and biting and devouring each other.

  2. Not only heavily guarded homes, but the government shut down pain meds for legitimate people who really need the same way they want our guns. That's why the borders are open because they own the cartels and our own government is bringing the gums and the dope into our country. They are making tons of money off it and how dare anyone else be able to get any of what they believe is theirs. They are corrupt to the core and using any and every way you can think of and then some to destroy us all!

  3. Putin has been working with special military to destroy all the US labs in ukraine. Steroids are terrible, cannot take them anymore. I believe putin is a christian, and has been working with djt!


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