Amanda Grace Prophetic Dream: Death and Life – A Word from The Lord

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  1. Wow you shared alot. I fell asleep but my subconscious mind hear it all. I remember alot what you said. Thank you for all that you shared it makes sense. I also had a dream about volcanoes too. It will happen of much volcanoes will erupt even ones that they do not except. Pray for our nation to come back to him. We have turned away, some people think not but people will start waking up and some will not. God is Good and merciful he love us and is given us the USA a chance to wash our robes. One other thing is Abortion; the nation to take the baby off the table. This will be other Saving Grace. Thank you.

  2. The "response-ability" of the servant of Christ is to "REDIRECT themselves and others to Christ". Amanda Grace "redirects herself and others to Donald Trump". Therefore, what you are seeing is a manifestation of the activity of Satan.

  3. This prayer time this morning touched me deeply and the points mentioned, prayer for finances, prayer for health and prayer for love and relationships. For those that need prayer in your jobs or businesses. Praise God for soon all will be blessed in abundance!! Praise be to God. I look forward to our time of love, health and financial abundance. AMEN!! 🙏🙏😇🙏🙏

  4. Amen 🙏 I am 61 and have orthoritis and I am a waitress and it's so very hard most the time and when I get home, it's heat and my Gabepentin, it helps but still I deal with it everyday, the pain, and having to work but I have always been a hard worker and now I'm gonna start a buisness and than it will all be mental for me instead of 100 % physical


  6. One should ask Wonderful to bless your children always , if you don’t ask he doesn’t know you asked , Jesus was murdered Creator don’t take human sacrifices or animals ones also , they murdered Jesus and yes Creator did send him and Jesus accepted , he allow it to happen so they would stop doing human sacrifices drinking blood of humans so it done do they come to him he could reconnect them to the Creator and Jesus Hims nice realm nice I met Wonderful he light and he male voice he is gentle and wonderful to be into and to see and feel him in heaven , he is heaven and heaven is him , he really nice Enoch came took me up no spaceships and no spacesuits but he took my flesh up and explained the belt of Orion and the fallen angels , I s true that angrlfell in garden for touching Eve daughter and having children with them , this angel was blonde and very large and he was hanging in belt of Orion so it’s true in Old Testament about this angel. That feel and true Enoch never seen death and was transformed into a arch angel and he is head of all angels after Creator did this .! So he tells the others what to do that creator wants done. . You are under attack they coming in dreams cause your preaching the lord best you can and you will get attack by witches or wizards that check the videos so pray for Uriel to get that devil for cling with your when you sleep and if someone sending it they be stoped.

  7. Thank you so much Amanda for sharing this Word from The LORD with us. I have finished watching this program and am rewatching it and sharing it with all of my children and grandchildren and friends and family. I give God Praise and Glory for you and Chris. I know the persecution’s are great and the enemy tried to do anything he can to destroy the people and ministry of people like you are. Gif Bless you and Chris and may His Glory rain down upon you both and bring you strength and total restoration for Chris. It has to be The LORD
    Giving you the strength to do all you do. I know in the natural it’s very, very difficult for you and Chris. My husband and I are going through a similar trial with my husbands illness and dementia. I know my strength comes only from God. This Word is definitely
    From God and for such a time as this. Blessings. Carole

  8. Your on the internet and someone is sending you black magic attack devils attack and witches when your asleep it was a female devil sent , you have to ask Jesus to sent Uriel cause he rips there heads off the arch angels kill them ii knowncause they brought me devils head , I
    Had black magic on me and they killed devils that where sent then told me how to break it off the rest of it off my body , if you have graveyard dirt curse in grave thenn bottle have to call Uriel or one arch angel to kill that devil and you have to heat oil on stove shut off the pan cut piece hair soak it in and it removes anything on your energy field which some call your aura . He has to find the devil and kill it or another arch angel you call . Also if you have black magic on you there’s all kinds had another one which was done with some form of crab stuff I seen a crab running all over my woodwork it was iridescent
    and I said the rosary asked Mary what the hell was going on and was it witchcraft and I was having money problems . She came in my dream told me to go by honey suckle oil and frankincense and myrrh and put in bucket water and wipe all woodwork in my house I lived. And everything in house every room and I even added in door metal on bottom where you enter , it was witchcraft I felt it and knew I am born with caul and have tons of gifts from Creator wonderful and personally know Jesus I delivered message for him . So it worked I got through a friend o knew he called me that week started to make money . I see what others don’t and I can devail a devil posing as a fake a saint or Jesus or Mary likes dead person cause they do that to people like me or real gifted people who can see meant her to help people and are really medium which which I don’t like that term because real ones are gifted by Creator to help people , however lots of fakes out there, that’s not good just like fake minister and priests . Israel is as bad as Palestine most likely worst cause they worship Lucifer do human sacrifice on gentiles dome kill and eat there firstborn still on owl , I know for fact these Israelites have all money and priests and other temples can’t do nothing about it off there crumbs they don’t have power or money to overtake them they have admitted that they are doing human sacrifices and they molest children and some are controlling the world doe have animals bloodline mixed in them . They have there people of Israel in dark the temples are dark they loaded with money but it’s from the devil not creator so the other temples don’t do it human sacrifices can’t stop them the other rabbis cause they got to much power and because of this still till this day hasn’t changed since time of Jesus and most likely Israel would be destroyed and Rome finished it was Michael who made souls come forth and confess what was done to them and to sue them , these souls where do damaged and deserved to have been given money in lawsuit , that was Michael who did it , he showed me he was mad put his foot on the Vatican an he crushed it with his foot and the bait Ivan was only a couple of inches compared to his foot and he just crushed it it fell in million pieces , so there are real saints that where Roman but also fakes and jesuits Jesus hates them they are evil Jesus hates evil so does Michael . So I denounce the Roman church but not Jesus and Mary and rosary does work he and his mom hear the truth tater . Someone was saying rosary and he and mom heard person repenting and person was wondering how he drove car home they blacked out and Jesus came said tell him he never drove car home my angel tried to take over wheel he couldn’t control
    Man cause he was resisting angel and fighting his help he was drunk angel yelled so loud to Jesus and Jesus had ride car home . Man had his whole family in car . They where shocked when I told them when Jesus busted me and it was like a day before they said rosary and he told no one what he was praying about , he was praying rosary, have to watch now cause the Illuminati and jesuits are in full control so lot curses put on the rosary and metal they are selling now , they put curses on most likely everything now so best to make. Your own rosary ,

  9. He’s fake I m born with a caul you wouldn’t want it however the msn is a fake and anti Christ is action there are six not one and they are in flesh our country , our church presidents are masons , some where alien offsprings of fallen angels this is truth you can’t have a owl which is represents Lucifer in country sure real one now and then and expect the Creator of the Universe which is wonderful to seriously be present in America most these preacher and minister do not have real Holy Spirit and the Vatican is finished , and I am no longer Roman Catholic , they are a disgrace anymore not all saints are with the Creator and I do know some saints . We have only few churches that doing there job and freeing the souls out of possession and healing them. Trust me angels his arch kill devils when they come . These ministers and priests are not in Holy Spirit cause Holy Spirit removes sickness and devils and it devours it with flames and Holy Spirit flame is warm and gentle loving. Removes black magic also , do for sure I will say how can you cleanse a child if ya don’t have real Holy Spirit once you baptize all illness supposed to leave the child’s body and any generational curses meaning if child born with a illness it should vanishe once it’s baptize ,, if it has diabetics or her ion addiction from a parent with drug or mussing genes or generational curse of witchcraft or parents or ancestors did evil the child is freed from it and protected from fallen angels here so these phony huge money makers don’t have shit but play in with devils

  10. 2022 this is still relevant. Fake fake fake everywhere . Some churches will never rise again. Sad the lock down has destroyed some people faith. Stand and walk it out a better day is coming. 2022 is time for reflection and a renewed hope for you. Keep believing as long as you keep breathing. 💯

  11. All the fraud preachers and prophets should have been exposed years ago. Doesn't anyone look up past prophecies to see if any came to pass or failed??

  12. Can someone help me out here about Balaam? When he meets the angel in Numbers 22, it's because he is going where God told him to go. So what is Balaam doing wrong? Verse 32 of Numbers 22 says "…behold I went out to withstand thee, because thy way is perverse before me:.."

    So it seems that although he did as the Lord commanded him, there was something about his way that was perverse. What was it? Was he considering that he might accept reward from a king to curse Israel? Yet he apparently did not accept anything and he did not curse Israel, but only would speak whatever the Lord told him to speak.

    So I have a bit of trouble finding what exactly was perverse about this way, as he went. The only thing I can think of, is that he might have told Balak right away that Israel is blessed by God and that anyone who curses them brings a curse upon themselves and left it at that. Maybe that was it. Does anyone else see anything? I do not see him accepting any reward from Balak and I do not see him cursing Israel, but only saying what the Lord says, and only in the end of all of this does it seem to become apparent that God will not curse Israel. Is there anything else that I should be seeing in all of this? Help me out if you can.

    There are other scriptures to read about Balaam and they are important because without them, I would not know that Balaam was a diviner or that he was receiving reward from anyone but God. I'm not even sure what a diviner is, so I need some help about that also.

    Ok, I guess there isn't much more for me to learn at this time. I already got that instead of simply sending a message to Balak that God will not curse Israel and he will not be hired for such a thing, he went through all of this with Balak, which I thought was to teach Balak a lesson. Yet it seems that God would rather he didn't do that this way, but that he simply should have had nothing at all to do with Balak in all of this.


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