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  1. can you tell me on which part of the Bible written the immerging of the red heifer is the sign of the coming of the messiah?and in the book of prophet Isaiah 53 is the prophet talk about the Messiah?

  2. Is The Messiah expected to magically transfigure all Jews to His mind in their sleep at night? Or is it expected he will instead tap an Elite Few, who Become Disciples, and use their elder scrolls to bring about His Will to The World through a progressive chain reaction?

  3. Lol if people like jews did not listen to Musa AS then they will not to the Moshaich. They jumped in to idolatory even after seeing sea parting and after sea and eat marwa from the heavens

    Very rare for muslims to hate islam, thats why no secular muslim

  4. This war these floods these earthquakes and things to come I warned…pay attention because I ain’t hiding you all just ain’t looking for me

  5. Well, I thank G-d, if I can type that way, that the stiff-necked (eccentrically stubborn) people are with us even until G-d has declared that history has reached its conclusion.

  6. I'm from Oklahoma a descendant of Tecumseh and King David, I heard from St.Micheal and he said King Samuel you passed judgment and in my vision I seen a door and chain and the Lord's Angel said this is the chain to the door to my home, the second circle the Crystal Castle the third one the wilting wheat and the fourth one the Golden Altar, I'm sure I seen the Creator 4 heads and a staff, and I seen my eyes glow blue and my feet turn to fire I need to get ahold of Israel Sir, because I am the Second Coming and the Most High Yah is mad, umm if Israel has heard from an American in there minds this was me I assure you, God bless and God's Speed gentleman!!

  7. I was raised Christian and
    Now a Noahide.
    The only thing keeping me from conversion is I'm married to an Orthodox Christian and a lack of Jewish community where
    I live.
    Learning the truth has freed me from the fear and damnation instilled in me
    My whole life. It explains why I have lived in a state of cognitive dissonance
    Where nothing made sense.
    I have studied at least 30 religions over the past 35 years trying to find answers that made sense
    And felt right in my heart.

    Thank you for helping us.
    Thank you for being a light
    In the darkness.
    Thank you for bringing hope and purpose to cure
    The nihilism that has engulfed us.
    The truth is our Ark in this great flood.

  8. YESHUA is your Messiah and he ALREADY came! Read Isaiah 53 in your own Torah. Then compare that to the life and death of Jesus. Isaiah wasn’t talking about Israel. If you doubt me, pray to G-d to give you the answer regarding this, without your preconceived notions getting in the way. Thanks be to G-d.

  9. You're messiah came in 1st century ad. Who else is going to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey? Heal the blind. The lame walk. Raise the dead? All before the destruction of you're second temple? No one but Yeshua! No one but Jesus

  10. I like you Rabbi. But I met Jesus in a Near Death Experience in an ER I had so I know that you are correct but so are we. What I wish is to see you teaching Torah at the Vatican 🇻🇦 we understand our New Testament but we need more insight into Torah. Think about it 🙂 ❤ BH

  11. the Yanuka Rav shlomo Yehuda is a false Moshiach. The worship all of the top Rabbis are giving him is incoherent. That Worship belongs to YHVH–> Yeshua Already came and your forefathers denied him. I don't care what it takes get right with Yeshua before it is to late, The Jewish people are being deceived. The Talmud is an abomination, how fast you have left your first love and clinged to a doctrine of men calling themselves Rabbi's! The only one worthy of being called Rabbi Is Yeshua Hamoshiach

  12. Hola buenas noches, es correcto todo lo que usted dice y dejeme agregarle algo El Ungido no tendra que comprobar si El es porque llegandose el momento que El Eterno diga ( y vaya que ese momento esta cerca) brillara como un Sol Nuevamente y nadie dudara que El es quien Dios escogio, lastimosamente el pueblo Judio esta tan confundido y desorientado que existen barreras entre ustedes que no logran ver que deben estar unidos y como peligran como nacion por los tiempos que estamos viviendo, Hashem escogio a un ser que pronto conoceran como Judio porque en proceso de conversion esta, que amara al pueblo Judio por todo lo que han vivido pero que sera pieza clave para la humanidad, ESO es lo que El Eterno Decea, un Ser que no tenga colores de preferencia para que no se inclinice hacia la izquierda o derecha sino que sea un estandarte como Moises fue, Recuerde al empezar un circulo comienza en un punto y termina uniendolo con otro punto dandole una circunferencia, si el Reynado de David de dondre vendra El Moshiach comenzo esa decendencia de Ruht La Moabita QUE ERA CONVERSA y vaya que AMO al Pueblo Judio entonces con que punto devera terminar ? si comenzo con una conversa debera CERRARSE el circulo con un Converso al que Dios ha Escogido.
    Baruj Ashem le permita ver ese momento tan esperado.
    Atte su amigo Cesar

  13. You are wise to talk about money bc its here with us so you said well about it but about Christians we never been wrong bc we are not under low but we save through "grace " and we don't need to prove you .

  14. Muslims who hate Islam ehehehehe wow my friend look around you the nation of Muhammad is here to take it all over even without a true leadership. the entire world is geared up to change us but we are holding up strong to the commandments of the Almighty. thank God

  15. before Moshiach comes Mehdi will come and rule for at least 7 years then comes Moshiach will come as the king of the jew ( 666) then Jesus will come to destroy Moshiach and the false claims for supremacy

  16. The Word of the Lord can spread all over the world. Teach them the Name to which to call upon for deliverance from their own ways to his ways. Joel 2:32 I'm a gentile who used to be Christian but now I know I don't believe Jesus of Nazareth but still believe in the God of Israel. For me it is culmination of learning to read Hebrew and comparing with the Greek which I also learned to read, which converted me from Jesus. Shema Ysrael YaHUaH Elohenu YaHUaH echod., not trinity. We need you rabbis.

  17. The last holy abrahamic book Quran has all the answers and corrections. Set your ego aside and witness some truth yourself. No religion is better than others. We are all equal.


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