This is a beautiful Rapture and Tribulation Dream That I received in April of 2020! This dream is so detailed! Having these rapture dreams does not make me better than anyone else, the lord is just using me as a vessel to share with everyone what is to come. The Lord wanted me to share this with you so that you can have an idea of how beautiful heaven is and to accept him as your Lord and Savior now.

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  1. I had a rapture dream too! Unfortunately I didn't meet Jesus. I believe it took place before the seven day tribulation or during it. It was so real and scary. I posted it on my channel.

  2. The colors so extremely alive!!! !!! Oh praise god!!! Share ! Keep sharing! Gods presence is so close to now . His love !! Is so full — filling inside to fill us over whelming!! All sin s are covered in Jesus name you are forgiven healed n set free , now

  3. I'm not close too my family I have Jesus but they don't want it I know says we're separate it's not easy I only pray they would come Jesus and my momma please pray stomach she just turned 94 in July I had my birthday in June I receive Jesus July 9 1994 the best decision I've ever made please pray but especially mama and her health healing my daddy only ask me pray for him he saw going deal with health issues my daddy no longer lung condition but he was ever ask me too pray for fell in bathroom on the of his birthday he didn't in the other he was quoting psalm 23 but watch Joel Osteen which don't improve him but watching but get shot eye problem but please rest especially momma she older it won't be so easy for those she's 94 and stomach for her age just don't go right when ur older please for stomach issues that on medication please Jesus touch her she be healed that would take ur hand in Jesus name amen I know misses daddy was last in September 27 please pray she get only bathroom when she another when tired too get up pray for her thank blessings too your sis in Christ Barbara Ann

  4. I had a rapture dream myself. I made a video about it after waiting 2 years. I'm super shy, but I felt like I needed to share it, just in case.
    God bless! Accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior NOW if you haven't! Please!!!

  5. WAKE UP CALL, 2 Esdras 11:33, 12:18-19, 26 (USA will NOT be destroyed)

    Here is what I believe is really going to happen.

    The speakers are Ezra, the priest, and the archangel Uriel. The kingdom that is described in Chapter 12:18 as the one that "shall not then fall" is clearly the USA.

    The USA is already gone. Trump signed the USA over to FEMA in March. We are currently under martial law.

    However, the land still exists; it has to if 2 Esdras 12:18-19 is to take place. The USA was not destroyed physically, but rather nullified with the stroke of a pen.

    Father will restore the land to its first estate, the estate Father intended from the beginning.

    Blessings to you and your loved ones,

    Dan 🙂

  6. Wow I love this thank you for sharing 🙏🏼 I have never had a rapture dream but I spend time visualising what heaven will be like! So fun to just imagine…. I’m probably not anywhere near able to imagine how wonderful it will be though! God bless your soul 🙏🏼


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