America has fallen. In this video, Pastor Alan DiDio shares a the follow up to a prophetic word given several months ago entitled, “America Will Not Survive”. What has come of this word? What is God saying about America now?
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  1. I've had that flag on my wall for over a year. Love it! Praise Yahuwah! May His Blood covenant remnant rise up and declare His righteousness in our land. America come forth in Yehusha's Name!

  2. My husband Nick and I will be forerunners! Never been so excited to give. Not that it's easy financially, but the Lord Jesus has made it easy spiritually! Now is the time to appeal to heaven to multiply our offerings to advance the kingdom in a miraculous and glorious way! We recieve a John the Baptist anointing to make the path straight for the return of our Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord!

  3. Dear Pastor Didio, please, God has a name: "Jesus". I hope that everytime you mentioned "God", you will replace it with The Most Wonderful Name there is "Jesus"!!!!
    Just let reason it please, how would you feel if your child calls you "Human" instead of Dad Didio?!
    Even an unbeliever calls "God" to whatever he/she believes. It's a very generalized term. Jesus is the only name by why we should call and be sanctify by Abba Father! 🙏. Thanks and Jesus bless you Dear Brother!

  4. Just a thought a I believe you know deep in your heart what that word he gave you really means , This country is done, it will fall you better be buy beans and rice and land for your people to go to and teach them how to grow and harvest food or when it does happen they will have nothing to eat. Hungry people do bad things

  5. I believe we are living in the last time and all of this have to happen. But I do believe that the church has fallen and some pastors are full of greed. I believe that the church is coming back strong with the spirit of God but we will see what church will.

  6. So many conflicting prophetic words, it is vital that each of us hear directly from our Father ourselves. America will be saved says one voice then america will not survive…now america has fallen. My counsel is press in and hear from Him ourselves.

  7. I will be the open window, That will give God permission to do His will, When the hindering spirit Causes the people to not join in to what God has for them.
    The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. If there is one That worships and cries out for The Holy Spirit to move. I believe he will move under any circumstances.
    Blessings and safety to all of God's children

  8. I am a forerunner of God my Father and I invite God to work through me to will and to work His good and perfect will and pleasure through me. Heavenly Father God, adhere to my prayer and entrust me to bring you through me upon the places where I live, walk, work, thrive, oh live through me to cement, fasten heaven upon the earth as it is in heaven, in Christ, in Christ Jesus I pray Amen 🙏


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