This is moving faster and faster. And now the majority of the public is helping thier very captors to further enslave them.
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  1. The gold fringe flag tells it all.
    The government has been in a state of emergency since 1933 with the Banking Relief Act.
    It explains why the government disregards the Constitution.

  2. Hi Richie always good to hear from you its so unatural what they are getting away with it so scary about demons who would want this these people are not human blessyou stay safe 😀😘

  3. When the shit hits the fan Don't Think for a second that the United States doesn't have armies from other countries to back them cuz I know they're outnumbered. UN forces South Korean Israeli you name it they have them eating out of their hand like birds. What are they going to say no most countries are starved to death.

  4. Cheering for the death of infant's, where is your conviction and your decency? How could any half normal human want death for little ones out of convenience for themselves? I understand very few circumstances have been approved by ten the church, for instance, a rape victim is told them can abort. Now I have no opinion on those circumstances but when it comes to convenience, that's when it crosses the line and dances on the other side.

  5. Richie can you or a sub help me? I'm old and don't know much about how tablets or computers work. Several days ago I quit getting all my notifications except for 5 at a time. Yours is one of the ones I don't get. I have no idea if this is anything I can fix myself but I find it very aggravating. It still shows that I am subscribed and the Bell is on too??

  6. Baal is Beelzebub, second in command to Lucifer. They are the ones setting up this beast system, monetary, police state in preparation for the Anti Christ. Ultimately the seat of the Anti Christ will be in Jerusalem, so you see how bad things are now… follow the direction of the trend.

  7. If you’re awake, YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS TIME.
    Four Events
    1. EMP Event – Lights Out
    2. FAKE 2ND COMING – Satan wants us on bended knee, calling him lord
    3. Incredible battle in the sky – Good vs. Evil
    4. REAL SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST – Followed by 1,000 years of peace
    Bad News: It’s over for this lucifrian run planet
    Good News: Jesus has prepared our new home… similar to the garden of Eden 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. PROPHETE MUHAMMED TIME SAME CLAN WAS İN POWER… IN Those days new born girls was buried alive to do make girls and kids worthless in the mind o these people…by this worthless kids wass easily accessible by those pedophile bisexuals homosexual elites in power…later prophet was accused by this same elites lost power went underground by writing so called HADITS after 200 years prophet death!
    They are in every nation race religions without expection !

  9. Sickness reigns supreme in the United Snakes of Americo Vespucio!
    What a farce! Democracy, Republic, how bout Communism? It makes no difference. Whatever we call the facade the underlining reality is that we are being controlled and manipulated by a small group of wealthy pricks who worship the god of this world, Satan.
    And that's it.
    People, or should I say sheeple? Are following the tune of the pied piper. Godless, mindless, morally depraved, hateful, proud, disobedient to their parents, degenerates are being shaped and molded by the deep states agenda.
    Mayday, mayday, S.O.S., we're going down!!!
    Selfish, corrupt, debased perverts are the product of divorced parents, and broken homes, thanks to Family Court empowering bitter, scornful, spiteful feminist bitches that thrive on either Usurping the man's (husband's) authority, or simply castrating him by using the courts and female judges to place a bounty on his head. Co-signing the bitches bullshit is the method of madness enforced by the Family courts of America.Court order of protection here, Court order of protection there… Men are in check, and walking on eggshells, and paying through their nose, while not seeing their children. How? Hear say! Whatever the female says is upheld, and honored by the courts. Doesn't hafta be true. Doesn't matter. Remember the goal. Divide and conquer. The oldest trick in the book is disecting the molecules that make up a nation. The Family. Bit by bit, piece by piece, little by little the devil is destroying the people of this country.
    Its devastating to be a part of these terrible times.
    Come Lord Jesus come.
    Come quickly Lord.

  10. There are 900+ comments, but sorcery Is from the word pharmakea (not spelled right). So if anyone has mentioned it before forgive me. There IS no new thing under the sun!!


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