Quik overview of one of First aid kits, this is he second gen of Docs outfitter by AMP3 llc at AMP3.net



  1. Man Richie you looked so lean and mean back in the day! I'm going to be 49 this December and I looked so much younger just 7 years ago at 42. I think knowing what the fuck is going on in this world takes a heavy toll on me because even when I'm having fun doing something I love to do like being out in nature and playing with my RC cars and crawlers, I know that in my subconscious mind is thinking about what's being planned for us next. And then all the shit their already doing to us now. Well anyway, really enjoyed the video and I got to get one of those great first aid kits.

  2. First time on your channel. Not bad to the point and no-nonsense. Did you serve in the military? Could you please try to do some survival products that's under 40$, and of good quality maybe some techniques that wouldn't be to difficult for females. Nice video good job.


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