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  1. Thank you. I needed that. I have been attacked by demons on my dreams for the last week… every single night. In my dreams, they dont conquer me but they are diligent. Last night, it was a half woman half crab. The other first night it was an attempted but failed possession. For four minutes exactly (not sure how I know the time other than it was revealed to me), a demon tried to enter me and the physical and spiritual could not be distinguished from one another. It was a horrible experience. There were two waves where it gained some strength and I felt almost overpowered but it never succeeded because of Christ in me. I used to think people who made statements like this were suffering with mental illness but as I've grown in faith, I understand how very real the battles are with the spiritual world. Wayne is so very helpful with his videos as are several other on youtube. "The Bible Says What" is another great channel. So glad to know there are brothers and sisters in Christ that are like minded in this day.

  2. It is not so invisible that you cannot see it when it's standing right in front of you ! FIRST the New American Catholic National Socialistic Catholic Immaculate Conception church in Washington DC that wants a separation from those Dam Italian Roman Catholics ! Then the Deep State Freemasons of the FBI Blue lodges "Home of the Temple" in D.C also , both at WAR with each other to controll the NWO !!!!

  3. Refreshing to hear a soft true moment.with you and the truth. Was getting lost in in seeking , trying to be prepared for what is coming. Instead of going to the closest with my Father God. Blessing and thank you young man. I am heading there now to get realigned.

  4. Good morning Brother Wayne,
    Ephesians 6:11
    You must be strong in the Lord and put on His full armor, so that you may stand firm against the enemy.Prayer in advance before the attack and praise the lord for the victory. 😊Thank you Jesus.


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