Cindy and Mike Jacobs Prophetic Dateline 4/7/2022

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  1. Next month marks 7 years same sex marriage came into law. Revelation 2:21 I gave her time to repent, she was unwilling! Now the judgement comes. Also same month Biden to visit Israel, possibly to split Israel 🇮🇱. This will cause a split in America! I would be praying for this Israel 🇮🇱 trip!

  2. Praise God for the revelation and insight on the spiritual insight on abortion. Preserving life is extremely important. But the Church in America seems to be concerned about life before birth only. Many lives are lost through hate crime motivated by racism and the church seems not at all concerned about this. What doess God say about this to you? We are looking at you also to focus attention on this!

  3. Why don't you tell Kenneth Copeland to is jet planes race the money for you guys just saying you're projecting stuff that's already happened you people are so arrogant it's sickening

  4. Of Course Aw08, what ever you say, what ever fairy tale you wanna tell yourself…Obviously this imaginary person you call Heseus didnt save us, He didnt do a good job, you religious people are still sinning, so he didnt save you nor himself…In Spiritual terms, religions (all religions) are at a kindergarten level….Anybody can believe in anything and say its real and BTW all beliefs are a trap for your heart and mind…..

  5. This sounds very much like a mashup of Dana Coverstones dreams and John Paul Jackson’s headlines vision that he entitled “The Perfect Storm.” You can find it on YouTube. I do hope this man is authentic and that he isn’t just stealing other peoples words from God for attention. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

  6. What is the book of Revelation really about? The title tells you book of Revelation is about the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST: This means when Christ is REVEALED within you, this is what happens in each and every person because God is NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS: When Jesus Christ is REVEALED (not coming but revealed) he reveals everything hidden and there will be nothing hidden that is not revealed. It says blessed are they who read and UNDERSTAND this book that is written in symbols and metaphor and allegory, but when Jesus CHRIST IS REVEALED IN YOU and TO YOU, the symbolism becomes clear and the SPIRITUAL SENSES are made alive by this REVELATION: Right now you function on five senses that have no anointing (CHRIST) but when Christ is revealed, your FIVE SPIRITUAL SENSES COME ALIVE because YOUR SOUL marries the LORD and SEPARATES from your five physical senses and the EGO (WORLD) they built in you: Jesus CHRIST REVEALED shows us both THE SPIRITUAL WORLDS and its warfare and the STRONG DELUSION OF THIS WORLD built by our ego based on the five physical senses, the carnal mind: SO if you want to know HOW I EXPERIENCED JESUS CHRIST and how he revealed himself in the LETTER OF THE WORD by my FIVE SPIRITUAL SENSES,

    the carnal mind or five physical senses can not understand this book but it adds its own vain imaginations to it and it also speaks completely of what it sees physically in the world. I have said many times over the past 30 years, if you see it out there, it is already DONE in the spiritual world because the spiritual world MANIFESTS the physical world: YOU CAN NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD: It is already manifested; If you want to change anything, you have to change it in the spiritual realm so it can MANIFEST A NEW REALITY: This is why it is written, THE EARTH IS GROANING waiting for the MANIFESTATION of the "sons of God": The sons of God MANIFEST through the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST BECAUSE HE MANIFESTS IN THEM. 2 Thess 1:15,

  7. God said to me : "You will always see miracles but what is the point of raising the dead if no one thinks to FEED and CLOTHE them." I will buy farms for various food production and this will coincide with massive outreach to bring people to Jesus. And I'm in Cape Town, SA. Surely there are those Father's raised to do the same in USA!! 🇺🇸🙏 When I heard of the dozen food warehouses blown up there I said "Father how can we help?"….make people aware and teach farming techniques. Love USA, pray and war over this nation. 👑🔥❤️

  8. As Chris speaks about 33 minutes into video saying we will have difficulties in days ahead we've trusted in our riches in plenty I believe this doesn't apply to just unbelievers. The remnant will have a greater sensitivity to nonbelievers as we all take God's hand helping in the days ahead. God is saving unbelievers as well as purifying believers.


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